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PSC Scholarship (Engineering): Saripalli Bhagat Sai Reddy

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We are proud to congratulate Saripalli Bhagat Sai Reddy from CG 07/20 for being awarded the premier Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship (Engineering), that is awarded based on merit to outstanding young men and women who have strong leadership qualities and a desire to make a difference to better our community.

Passionate about the Sciences, Sai actively participated in programmes that developed his capabilities in research and was selected for the prestigious Science Research Programme in 2020 and undertook a project on ‘Autonomous Vehicles Using Machine Learning’, guided by mentors in the National University of Singapore. Beyond his academic pursuits, Sai was also a familiar face amongst the resident ‘bufflords’, and served as the Physical Training Instructor for @tj.odac, planning physical training activities for his teammates and was key in organising the ODAC's signature Temasek Titans event in 2021.

Sai was definitely an all-rounder who embodied Temasek Excellence in all that he did. Here are his thoughts on receiving the Scholarship:

“As someone who has always been passionate about the Sciences, a career in Engineering felt like the perfect fit for me. However, I wanted to do more than just that and was constantly looking for ways to make use of my passion to do something bigger. This ultimately pushed me to apply for the PSC (Engineering) Scholarship. I was aware that it would be a tough fight with other deserving applicants given the prestige of the Scholarship, but I knew that if I really wanted to make a difference, this would give me the right opportunity to do so.

Despite the rigorous application process, I am glad that I chose to follow through my decision till the end. I could definitely have not achieved this without the constant support and encouragement from all my friends, tutors and family members. I am immensely grateful to TJ for its unwavering support throughout my PSC journey, be it in the form of the Public Sector Preparatory Programme or the multiple mock interviews conducted by my tutors just weeks before my actual board interview.

Of course, attaining this scholarship is just the beginning and I am looking forward to making a real difference to Singapore in the future. As they say here in TJ, ‘For College, For Nation'.”