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Curriculum Overview

Temasek Junior College nurtures and develops students through a plethora of educational opportunities:
  • Cutting-edge curricula;
  • Research-led, innovative pedagogy;
  • Seminars and talks by academics and professionals;
  • Local and overseas learning journeys; and
  • First-hand learning experiences

Our highly-qualified and dedicated staff boasts an optimal blend of experience, boldness, energy and patience - proven for maximising students’ potential and uncovering hidden talents while ensuring that ethical principles and values are nurtured at the same time.

Overview GCE A-Level Curriculum.jpg

Overview of the GCE A-Level Curriculum


We offer a wide range of subjects at H1 and H2 levels in different subject combinations which have been carefully aligned to the GCE 'A' Level curriculum to prepare students and allow them varied options for university courses. Our subject combinations allow students to pursue their areas of interest and to specialise in the domains of the Sciences or the Arts, but at the same time maintaining a broad exposure, by offering contrasting subjects, and building key knowledge skills via core subjects like General Paper and Project Work. Eligible students can also offer subjects at H3 level which present diverse learning opportunities for in-depth study.

The minimum enrolment of a particular subject combination should not be less than 15 students (with the exception of KI, Art and MEP); the college administration reserves the right not to start a class in such a situation.

Please refer to the following document for more details on subject combinations: