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Class of 2021: Tania & Charlotte

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Mention the joy of learning, and our lively bunch of Humanities students comes to mind! Indeed our signature Temasek Humanities Program (THP) has always ignited their passion for the Humanities, as they put on multiple lenses with confidence and aplomb.

Tania Tan, an MOE Humanities Scholarship Program (HSP) holder from the Class of 2021, immersed herself in many activities and competitions, such as organizing the annual HumaniTEA@TJC, and together with her peers, initiated the ‘Sign of the TJmes’ project, where they captured significant locations on campus with creative artwork and captions. They also represented TJC and won the Most Popular Video Choice Award with their HSP Video.

Charlotte Lee collaborated with other THP students in hosting the annual Temasek Distinguished Speaker Series in 2020. The team worked under tremendous pressure as they had to pivot to a virtual platform, but they rose above the challenges and successfully hosted Minister Grace Fu on the topic of climate change. On top of this, Charlotte was the dynamic Alpha House Captain! Charlotte went on to score 5 Distinctions while Tania scored 6.

We are very proud of these awesome ambassadors of Humanities@TJC – our 13 HSP scholars scored an impressive median UAS 87.6 (out of a possible 90) while our THP students also shone with a median UAS 87.