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Class of 2021: Megan & Ethan


The pandemic may have floored all ‘live’ performances, but our Performing Arts students did not let that dampen their passion. A group of student leaders from various Performing Arts CCAs from the Class of 2021 came together to create a Performing Arts and Cultural Education (PACE) showcase, which offered a virtual platform for students to put up performances, ensuring that the arts scene in TJC remain vibrant.

Megan Tan, Chairperson of this PACE showcase, was an exemplary leader in bringing the event to life. As Chairperson of the Guitar Ensemble, she led her troupe to a Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival. Megan was selected for the TJC STEM Academy, and she participated in the Singapore Biology Olympiad, Lee Kong Chian Medicine Anatomy Challenge and won Best Presentation at the NUS Youth Health Ambassador Programme. Megan went on to score 8 Distinctions.

John Ethan Prince Asuncion Roy was also in the organizing committee of PACE. He brought his musicality and positive energy, ensuring that the showcase was a success. Ethan was Chairman of the JC Choir and even though they could not participate in SYF, they continued to spread their love for music by creating various music videos. Ethan was also the Assistant Class Chairman as well as an Orientation Group Leader and he achieved 5 Distinctions.