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Class of 2021: Keng Yu & Izen

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Not only are TJCians academically driven, they are passionate individuals who show much care about people and the environment. Lai Keng Yu and Izen Toh from the Class of 2021, have had a positive impact on others and are winners of the MOE Character Award. This award recognizes students who demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions.

Keng Yu, Vice-President of the Leo Club, was a thoughtful leader who constantly motivated her peers. She was even known to have brought stray cats to the vet when they were sick. In addition, Keng Yu is very passionate about English Literature – she was a Student Councillor for MOE’s Creative Arts Programme and she has several writing and poetry awards under her belt.

Izen, Chief (Photography) of the Infocomm Club, often went the extra mile to share his knowledge of photography, ensuring the high quality of photographs taken at college events. He was instrumental in setting up the ‘As to Zs’ Photography Exhibition to capture the memories of campus life. Izen went on to score 5 Distinctions while Keng Yu scored 6 Distinctions.