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Class of 2021: Hoy Yip & Jia Xin

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“Leadership is an action, not a position.”

Indeed, our TJ student leaders demonstrate everyday leadership in their words and deeds, as they juggle their academic commitments with their various leadership responsibilities.

Sheak Hoy Yip, President of the 44th Students’ Council and Teo Jia Xin, Vice-President of the 44th Students’ Council from the Class of 2021, have capably led their cohort through the most difficult phases of the pandemic. With their resolute determination and dexterity in adapting to the ever-evolving situation, they have ensured that their cohort continue to have a unique TJ experience through leading events such as Orientation, Student Leadership Camp and Temasek Leadership Showdown.

Hoy Yip went on to score 7 Distinctions while Jia Xin scored 6 Distinctions at the 2021 GCE A-Level Examinations. We are proud of Hoy Yip and Jia Xin's achievements, and thank them for their service to the College!