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Class of 2021: Elvin & Cheryl


Not only was the Class of 2021 committed to their academic pursuits, they have participated in platforms such as the Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes program, a community initiative to promote social entrepreneurship and community leadership development among Singapore youths. This includes seed funding, training and volunteer mentorship for executing self-initiated projects to raise public awareness, funds and mobilize volunteers for social service agencies of their choice.

Elvin Lim, Leader of Team Ciel, collaborated with CampusImpact and worked with a local influencer to create a series of podcasts and videos to cater to less-privileged children by meaningfully engaging them during the Circuit Breaker. Team Ciel also mobilized volunteers to design and sell merchandise, raising more than $22,000, and earning the 2020 YFC Distinction Award. Elvin, who scored 4 Distinctions, has even stepped up as Vice-Chairman of the YFC Alumni Committee.

Cheryl Lee of Team Ex-Corde, collaborated with Canossaville Children and Community Services to sell merchandise to raise funds such as Friendship Day items, raising over $4,200. The team also harnessed social media to raise awareness about the difficulties faced by less-privileged children from different family backgrounds. Cheryl, who scored 7 Distinctions, has continued to mentor three YFC teams in 2021.