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Class of 2021: Darryl Yeng

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Behind every set of A-level results lies a great deal of hard work. Throw in a few road humps and the journey can sometimes get a little bumpy. Just ask Darryl Yeng from the Class of 2021, who had to repeat his JC1 year.

Darryl who initially struggled with time management and the rigour of the A-level subjects, found himself lagging behind and eventually turned in a somewhat dismal performance at the Promotional Exams. To support these ‘under-performers’, the college invited an alumnus who also repeated and who did well at the A-levels to share his experience. This was when Darryl believed it was possible to bounce back.

“I really channeled the disappointment I felt towards working harder and aiming higher. And of course I had support from amazing tutors and friends from TJ past and present.”

At the same time, Darryl ensured that he had an enriching campus life. He immersed himself in Outdoor Adventure Club activities, organizing events like Temasek Titans and participating in and placing 1st at the National Orienteering Race team event; he was also an Orientation Group Leader and a Temasek Leadership Showdown facilitator. Darryl, who went on to score a perfect UAS 90, plans to study computer science.

At TJC, we believe in all our students and we take care of each and everyone of you. No matter your challenges, we will journey with you and support you to be the best versions of yourselves. In the Temasek family, no one is left behind. And finally … to the Class of 2021 – congratulations once again and here’s wishing you all the best!