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Class of 2020: Lee Xin Mun

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For most of us, mastering one language is challenging enough; but for students like Lee Xin Mun, she has achieved high proficiency in both English and Chinese. A Chinese Language Elective Program scholar, Xin Mun enjoyed deepening her knowledge of and appreciation for Chinese – the language, its attendant history as well as culture. She experienced the joy of learning Chinese through different genres such as short stories, classical poetry, novels, plays and even song lyrics!

Xin Mun represented the College at various events – CLEP Chinese Literature Seminar, National Xinyao Singing and Song-writing Competition and the CLEP Lecture Series cum Project Presentation where she obtained a Merit Award. She also embarked on the CLEP Overseas Immersion Program where she had lively exchanges with the local counterparts in Taipei and Beijing. In addition, she facilitated at the Inter-School (Primary and Secondary) Chinese Language and Cultural Competition and engaged her young charges meaningfully.

Besides her love for languages, Xin Mun is also a talented artiste. As Chairperson of the Guitar Ensemble, she led the performing arts outfit to a Distinction at the SYF Arts Presentation. In all, Xin Mun showed much drive and passion in all that she does – and her achievement of 7 Distinctions is a testament to her talent and hard work.

Well done, Xin Mun; and well done to all Chinese Language & Literature students – 9 in 10 of them scored A/B for H2 CLL and 100% of them obtained Distinction/Merit in H3 CLL!