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Class of 2020: Kyla Teo

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The Ministry of Education has always exhorted the joy of learning as one of the pillars of teaching and learning. Indeed, the Temasek Humanities Program has always lit up students’ passion for learning, and Kyla Teo was one of these Humanities Scholars who have shown such motivation in her studies as well as on the netball court.

As a Humanities Scholar, Kyla is a thought leader who possesses a natural curiosity about the world around her. This led her to step up to lead her peers in designing an Overseas Learning Experience to Taiwan (see photo), where the Humanities Program students explored issues related to identity, culture and history from both a Taiwanese and Singaporean lens.

Despite being new to netball, Kyla consistently gave her best in every training session, and even when she suffered injuries along the way, she displayed courage and grit to overcome them so that she could resume competitive play. An outstanding leader, Kyla was elected Vice-Captain of the team and she truly cared deeply for those around her, often looking out for her teammates, and took time to encourage them and keep up their spirits.

The TJC Humanities Scholars have performed extremely well, scoring a median UAS of 87.8, with Kyla obtaining 5 Distinctions! We are very proud of Kyla and all these highly driven and lively ambassadors of Humanities@TJC!