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Class of 2020: Caitlin Seet

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When talent meets passion, you can soar to great heights. At TJC, we have many students who are gifted in their talent areas and have the desire and determination to fulfil their aspirations.

Even though Caitlin Seet did not take any music lessons in her secondary school, she was selected for the College’s Music Elective Program via the Direct School Admission. Here, she immersed herself in the wonderful world of music and rediscovered her childhood love through the various concerts and performances, masterclasses as well as interactions with like-minded peers. As the Student Conductor for the TJChoir, she ably led the group to obtain a Distinction at the SYF Arts Presentation for Choir in 2019.

Currently, Caitlin has sourced for her own internship at a music studio to learn more about music production. She also intends to take a gap year to pursue her other interests in learning jazz and achieving a piano diploma at the same time.

We are very proud of Caitlin who scored 5 Distinctions at the A-levels, and the other music students who have shown so much passion for and commitment to music; at the same time, they have outdone themselves as 3 in 4 of them went on to achieve Distinctions in H3 Music! Way to go, TJC MEP!