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Class of 2020: Brandon & Reiden

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When the Circuit Breaker was imposed last year, many people, organizations and schools were left scrambling in an attempt to continue their operations as ‘normally’ as possible. At TJC, teachers and students took to various ICT platforms valiantly to ensure that our Full Home-Based Learning was effective.

Two JC2 students – Brandon Tang and Reiden Ong – even took this a step further! Based on their own experience from the FHBL, they on their own accord, spearheaded a project to further improve the HBL experience for the entire college community when schools reopened on 2 June. Together, they brainstormed for ideas to design a dynamic web dashboard that included features such as a live time-table, class games and a class notepad. The dashboard quickly became a one-stop platform for students to easily access the various links, better keep track of their time-table and interact and bond virtually with their classmates.

Brandon and Reiden put their talent in programming skills to meaningful use to make everyone’s HBL experience more seamless and productive. During the development stage of the dashboard, both of them worked tirelessly during the May school break to get the key features ready and up and running within a week, in time for Term 3. Based on web analytics captured, the dashboard was accessed more than 10,000 times!

At TJC, we have many students who are innovative problem-solvers – and we applaud Brandon and Reiden for being such trailblazers with a heart! And we also congratulate them on scoring 6 Distinctions each at the A-levels!