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A signature programme for IP3 Language Arts, ‘Speak like a TED’ allows our students to hone their speaking skills through the introduction of TED-style talks. The introduction of TED as a way to approach a speaking task is to equip our students with multi-literacies and to get them to be comfortable honing their personal voice and expressing it with confidence in front of a camera addressing global audiences. Throughout Semester 1, students worked diligently on their talks and worked with dedicated coaches, sharing their personal opinions on topics that range from cultural identity to the importance of self-care. As a way to showcase the talent that we have in TJC, a virtual TEDxYouth@TJC was organised in collaboration with TEDxSingapore and the videos were eventually published on TED’s YouTube channel. You can view all 11 videos below. To view the 11 speakers and videos of the previous run of TEDxTJC in 2020, click here and/or search ‘TEDxTJC’ on Google search.

Finding the Freedom to Write | Wan Ting Chiara Ng

Why Asking “How Are You Doing” Is Transformative | Ira Asthana

How Taekwondo Changed My Life | Justin Zhe Ming Goh

Discovering Your Cultural Identity Should Be Fun | Sophie Zi Han Zhang
   Why the Small Wins Matter |
Li Xuan Tan
We Need Self-care More Than Ever |
Denise Zhi Lin Mok

Why Failure is the Mother of Success |
Jia Qian Cai
How A Smile Can Change Your Life | 
Syabil Oh Bin Yusri Mohamed
Why Seizing the Day is My Life Motto | Chloe Yi Qian Lim
 Knowing Your Love Languages and How to Use Them | Seles Min Dong Tan
 Customising Study Tips and Tricks for Every Unique Learner | Jenna Lai