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Mother Tongue Languages

Our department celebrates the diversity of languages and their intertwined rich cultures. We are committed to developing our students’ bilingualism and broadening their horizons in the study of these languages. By helping them grow in depth of thought and eloquence in oracy skills, we guide our students to be global citizens of the 21st Century world.

We offer a variety of Mother Tongue subjects at IP and JC levels respectively:

Picture1_subject diagram.jpg.png


Recognizing the importance of learning languages for life, we aspire to strengthen our students’ bilingual competitive edge in this globalized world, to shape their cultural identity and to appreciate the cultures of other communities. We believe that with a heightened interest in Mother Tongue languages, students will become proficient and active learners who have the capacity for advanced language learning at the JC level.

In recent years, our IP4 cohorts have achieved excellent results in the O-Level Mother Tongue Language and Higher Mother Tongue Language examination, with more than 1 in 2 students achieving Distinction in both 2019 and 2018, and 3 in 5 students obtaining Distinction in 2020. The excellent results have further earned our students bonuses to their University Admission Score, which gave them greater choices in university course selection as well as scholarship applications.

While guiding students towards academic excellence, we also seek to provide rich learning experiences to sustain their interest in the language. Through student-oriented teaching pedagogies and the harnessing of ICT, we cultivate their application skills, allowing them to use their power of imagination and critical thinking to analyse and solve problems.

We also place emphasis on the nurturing of values and cultural appreciation. Through regular classroom discussions of social topics and scenario analysis, we aim to cultivate the value of empathy in our students as they navigate this complex modern world.

Picture 2_T_L CL.jpg
A lively discussion during
Chinese Language lessons
Picture 3_T_L ML.jpg
Confident presenters during
Tamil Language lessons

We organise a series of exciting activities to enrich our students’ language learning experience. We do this through a tiered approach throughout the year, during Sabbatical Week, MTL Fortnight, Cohort Programme and during the post-examination period. Firstly, we organise learning journeys, drama appreciation and talks by local authors to expose all students to the application of the languages in daily authentic situations. Secondly, students get the opportunities to participate in seminars and workshops, where they are guided by experts in the areas of speaking and writing. Their learning experience is further enhanced through external activities and competitions. Finally, outstanding students who show a proficiency in languages are invited to join our talent development programme, where they specialise in particular skills and content of the languages.

Picture 4_CL Enrichment.jpg
Autograph session with local
author Mr John Wong
Picture 5_ML Enrichment.jpeg
Enjoying a ML cultural
board game
Picture 6_TL enrichment.jpg
Learning Journey for
TL students



For students who show an aptitude in and passion for Chinese Language, we offer Literature in Chinese as a Humanities subject from IP3. We seek to develop students’ interest and foundation in appreciating literary works of various genres, and equip them with the necessary literary techniques required for literary analysis. We aim to enhance students’ mastery of the language and provide them with the capacity and confidence to continue learning literature at the JC level.

Literature in Chinese is a school-based subject which is non-examinable at the O-Level. Hence while we adapted the MOE syllabus as the foundation of our curriculum, we have also created time and space to expose students to literary genres beyond the syllabus, such as classical prose, poetry, novels and drama. Through analyzing texts from various genres, students sharpen their argumentative and analytical skills. We also provide students with opportunities for creative writing, to further sharpen their flair for the language.

Picture 7_CH Lit T_L.jpeg Picture 8_Lit work.jpg

Students who offer Literature in Chinese are invited to join our two talent development programmes: IP Temasek Academy (Chinese Language) and MOE-Secondary Chinese Language Elective Programme. In these programmes, they are given opportunities to take on greater challenges and leadership roles, to apply the knowledge and skills in Chinese Language as student correspondents and student ambassadors and to share their passion for the language with their peers.

Picture 9_CH LIT enrichment.jpeg
Lianhe Zaobao student correspondent
interviewing Mr Royston Tan
Picture 10_CH Lit Enrichment.jpg
Our ambassadors hosting teachers and
students from Taiwan



We use a tiered approach to develop students’ language proficiency and their passion for the language.

Picture 11_Talent Framework.jpg

To nurture students in the top tier, we offer the following special programmes:

More information can be found in the respective pages for the different programmes. Please click on the programme titles to find out more.