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Temasek Academy

Outstanding IP students who display a strong aptitude for and talent in a particular academic discipline are invited to stretch themselves through the Temasek Academy Programme, which has five strands:

IP Year 1
IP Year 2
IP Year 3
IP Year 4
Language Arts


Chinese Language




Temasek Academy (Language Arts) is an enrichment programme that develops academically talented IP1 and IP2 students in English language and literary skills. We aim to nurture students’ ability to write and speak with eloquence and conviction, and to engage critically and creatively with a wide variety of literary texts.

Through a series of workshops and seminars, students will hone their skills in literary analysis, creative writing, speaking, drama and journalism. Students will also have the opportunity to be mentored by established writers, journalists and relevant industry practitioners. In addition, students will participate in a variety of external competitions and programmes to build up their personal portfolios.

2019 Learning Journey to a PhotoJournalism Exhibition (World Press Photo).jpg
Our students on a learning journey to a PhotoJournalism Exhibition (World Press Photo)

2019 E-Journalism and broadcasting workshop by TJC Alumni, Ang Yiying.jpeg
Our students participating in an e-journalism and broadcasting workshop conducted by TJC alumna, Ms Ang Yiying

TJC School team 2019 NSLF.jpeg

Our school team at the 2019 National Schools Literature Festival


All students enrolled in our Temasek Academy (Language Arts) programme will advance to Temasek Academy (Humanities) when they enter Year 3. TA (Humanities) aims to develop talented students who are passionate about the Humanities. The programme nurtures students who think clearly, feel deeply and speak confidently.

Here, students participate in these core learning experiences:
      • Humanities research via the Humanities and Social Science Research Programme (HSSRP), Moot Parliament Programme or internal Capstone papers;
      • Philosophy research via our internal Philosophy of Thought Programme where students are taught critical thinking and dialoguing skills, culminating in a joint symposium with Nanyang Girls' High School and Raffles Institution; and
      • Humanities fieldwork via planning and participation in an Overseas Humanities Trip.

Our IP Year 3 students sharpen their argumentative skills at PhiloJam
Our IP Year 4 students participating in the HSSRP, where they are mentored by various academics from our local universities


Temasek Academy (Chinese Language) is a talent development programme for students who have the interest in and aptitude for the language. It develops these talented students in Chinese Language by honing their ability to write and speak with eloquence and conviction, and to engage critically and creatively with a wide variety of literary texts.

Through workshops and seminars, students sharpen their skills in creative writing, speaking, literary analysis, drama and journalism. They will also have the opportunity to go on learning journeys as well as engage with local and overseas writers, journalists and relevant industry practitioners. All TA (Chinese Language) students will have the opportunity to join the MOE Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) from Year 3, where they learn literary analysis in depth, attain a higher level of proficiency and a better understanding of Chinese Language & Literature. Outstanding students may then go on to offer CLEP at the JC level.

Voice Dubbing Activity.jpeg
Our IP1 students working on their voice dubbing task
Radio Script Writing.jpeg
Our IP2 students at a radio script writing and recording workshop


Temasek Academy (Mathematics) aims to expose students to Mathematical ideas, skills and competencies beyond the curriculum. In Year 1, we develop students’ ability to perceive patterns by finding patterns and developing strategies through games. In Year 2, students learn Computational Thinking and programming in different languages to help construct models to test their hypotheses. In Years 3 and 4, students learn applications of mathematics, in particular, probability through Games of Chance.

We also progressively guide students to develop the ability to integrate Mathematics with other disciplines. Here, they are exposed to literature such as Operant Conditioning ideas from BF Skinner as well as research skills through Independent Study Modules (ISM). These will stand them in good stead as they take part in Olympiads and other competitions. In all, TA (Mathematics) enables our students to become part of a community of like-minded mathematics researchers sharing and building upon one another's questions, conjectures and theorems.


Temasek Academy (Science) develops academically talented students to investigate, reflect and problem-solve using the Design-based Inquiry approach and Borton’s model of reflection. We design our activities based on the 4E Instructional Model: Engage, Explore, Explain and Extend. Here, students learn to (i) Engage though developmental workshops, talks, reading and discussion; (ii) Explore through research and experimentation; (iii) Explain through presentation and competition platforms; and (iv) Extend by learning from peers and experts on authentic hands-on research work through Overseas Science Expedition, organising Science competitions and contributing back to the community.

Tier 3 Ip Science Enrichment.png
IP2 TA SC 3D Printing.jpeg
Our IP2 students working with a 3D printer as part of their Flight Programme project
IP4 TA SC Science Mentorship Programme with Science Centre.jpg
Our IP4 students under the guidance of their Research Mentor from Science Centre Singapore

Students offer core and elective modules that equip them with the necessary skills and sharpen their competencies in research areas in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We have designed these tiered modules based on Renzulli’s Enrichment Triad model and here are some selected highlights:

      • Type I enrichment activities such as workshops and learning journeys organised by Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA);
      • Type II activities such as Science Olympiads, Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP), Science and Technology Camps; and
      • Type III activities such as Youth Science Ambassador Programme by Science Centre Singapore, Science Mentorship Programme by MOE Gifted Education Branch and Nanyang Research Programme (Junior) by NTU, where students expand their horizons and benefit under the mentorship of an external researcher.

Temasek Academy (Science) programmes and THINK© Challenge are sponsored by:

THINK Challenge Sponsors.png
Check on this video by our TA (Science) students documenting their Science Expedition to Japan