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Character & Citizenship Education

TJC is committed to nurturing good citizens who uphold our motto, “For College, For Nation”. Our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programme comprises the learning of core values, social-emotional competencies, and citizenship dispositions, with a focus on developing students to participate actively in community.

Our CCE curriculum is purposefully implemented through a variety of learning platforms including CCE lessons, key student Development Experiences, school-based and student-led initiatives. As TJCians step out into the world, we are confident that they will continue to contribute to the both local and global communities with a spirit of compassion and service.


We have Peer Support Leaders who are trained in various life-skills such as understanding emotions to look out for distressed peers, and assisting the College in providing a caring environment.

Additionally, every IP class has a Cyberwellness Ambassador. Cyberwellness Ambassadors deliver critical cyberwellness messages to their peers in class and at school, and help the College provide a safe environment by positively influencing their peers to navigate the cyberspace safely.


Our Citizenship Education program strives to help TJCians appreciate what it means to be a Singaporean. We leverage on our Citizenship programmes as platforms for students to demonstrate leadership qualities by customising activities for the entire cohort during National Education Commemorative Days. These experiences empower students to be active participants in community and national life both now and in the future.

We also encourage our students to contribute meaningfully to the greater community, guided by our core College value of Compassion. Our students participate in Go Green Day, an annual event in which they collect used clothing and newspapers from residents in the Bedok and Chai Chee neighbourhoods. Every year, the collection raises more than $15,000 for the Lions' Home for the Elders and Assisi Hospice.

2020 Go Green Day.png

Our students in action during the 2020 Go Green Day

Aside from the various IP ACE Initiatives, our IP students also enjoy many other character development opportunities. These include participating in the Intergenerational Learning Programme and embarking on learning journeys that broaden their understanding of our community.

Intergenerational Learning Prog.png

Our IP students guiding seniors from neighbouring residences to use mobile applications as part of our Intergenerational Learning Programme

Tuas Dorm Visit.png

Our IP4 students visiting a foreign workers’ dormitory to get a glimpse into the lives of migrant workers

The SG Perspectives is a key event in our CCE curriculum for our JC students. An annual dialogue session with various office holders and senior civil servants, the SG Perspective seeks to provide TJCians a keener understanding of contemporary issues and the considerations that go into policymaking. Through their CCA, all JC students also have the opportunity to organise community outreach projects.

SG Perspectives.png

Our students participating in our annual SG Perspectives series


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