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Student Leadership Development

In TJC, we consider every student to be a potential leader. We believe every TJCian is a leader, every day and everywhere. We aim to develop ACE student leaders by developing our students progressively in key leadership competencies. We deliver learning experiences for our students to sharpen their skills set as they progress from personal leadership to team leadership, and to thought leadership.

Whether our students step up to take on different roles and responsibilities - from the classroom to co-curricular activities to the community represent the College on the academic or sporting front, or embark on some enterprise - the opportunities to showcase their talents are aplenty.

Developing the ACE Student Leader.jpeg
Developing ACE student leaders

TJC uses James Kouzes and Barry Posner’s The Leadership Challenge model, which is backed by over 25 years of research and data of over three million leaders. Based on case studies of leaders about their personal best experiences as leaders, Kouzes and Posner came up with a pattern of behaviours and actions used by people when they are most effective as leaders, encapsulated by the Five Practices – Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. This tool enables students to chart their own leadership growth and hone their leadership competencies.


Talent Development Programme (TDP)
TDP is a pinnacle leadership programme where we expose students to opportunities to build their portfolio, focusing on the 21st century competencies and outcomes. We also match students in our TDP to industry leaders that can mentor and guide them further in their personal leadership journeys.

Insight | Outsight: TJC Alumni Leadership Speaker Series
In this Speaker Series, we welcome our distinguished alumni back to inspire our students in developing fresh insights as well as seeing beyond their normal frame of reference.

International Student Leadership Congress (ISLC)
This virtual event allows participants from different countries to learn from various industry leaders and gain new perspectives on leadership. More than 250 participants from Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the United Kingdom attended the inaugural ISLC in 2020.

Temasek Leadership Showdown (TLS)
The TLS is a nation-wide leadership competition which provides a platform for student leaders from primary and secondary schools to hone their leadership skills and competencies, as well as to network with other like-minded student leaders. Organised and facilitated by our student leaders, we hope to inspire the TLS participants to be leaders who can be positive change agents.


ACE Initiatives
Our ACE Initiatives are important components in the holistic development of our IP students. The programme adopts an experiential approach to nurture in IP students the desired outcomes of an ACE TJCian. Through a confluence of Stewardship, Leadership and Citizenship activities, students will be able to experience and reflect as an Active learner, Caring and committed citizen, and Ethical leader.

IP3 MOE-OBS Challenge Programme
Every year, our IP3 students participate in the MOE-OBS Challenge Programme as part of MOE’s National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan. The programme seeks to develop ruggedness, resilience, and build cohesion amongst our students. The programme comprises a series of school-based PE and Character and Citizenship Education lessons facilitated by teachers as well as a 5-day expeditionary course at OBS on Pulau Ubin.


Overseas Leadership Immersion Programme
This programme brings selected student leaders to a regional country to gain leadership insights through dialogue sessions with key industry leaders and to share leadership experiences through networking with student leaders from overseas.

Overseas Leadership Prog Beijing.JPG
2019 Overseas Leadership Immersion Programme to Beijing

Mazarin Community Leadership Programme
TJC continues to nurture trailblazers with a heart and leverages opportunities for our students to develop as agents of positive societal change. As part of our student leadership curriculum, TJCians have many opportunities to lead in projects that will benefit the College and the wider community. The Mazarin Community Leadership Programme is primarily student-driven, with teacher-advisors and industry professionals serving as mentors. Students selected for this programme will lead Make A Difference (M.A.D.) initiatives that benefit the College or the wider community. Through this, students will hone their leadership skills and cultivate an entrepreneurial as they embark on opportunities to deepen their understanding of social issues, discover challenges and gaps, generate new ideas and take action.

Temasek Overseas Outreach Programme (TOOP)
TOOP enables students to develop and showcase their leadership qualities, spirit of youth activism and an appreciation for cultural diversity. TOOP student leaders plan and organise their trips based on the needs of the overseas beneficiaries and undergo training adopting the Service Learning model. Over the years, the College has worked with partners in Cambodia, Vietnam and China.