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Mother Tongue Languages

Ignite the Passion for our Mother Tongue Languages
Be Sparkled by the Wonders of our Cultures

We celebrate the diversity of the languages, and the rich cultures encapsulated within them. We are committed to developing our students’ bilingualism and broadening their horizons. By helping them grow in depth of thought and eloquence in communication, we prepare our students to be globally-ready individuals for the 21st Century world. We believe that the mastery of an additional language essentially bestows each one of our students with another set of wings to soar.

As shown in the diagram below, we offer a variety of Mother Tongue subjects at IP and JC levels respectively:

subject diagram.jpg.png


With the objective of nurturing active learners and proficient users of the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL), we adopt entertaining yet meaningful student-oriented teaching pedagogies and employ engaging materials and activities to guide them to be self-directed and collaborative learners. We aim to nurture effectively bilingual, open-minded, analytical, vocal, passionate and responsible talents who are ready for current and future challenges.

Our programmes are intricately designed to cultivate the ability of our students to use the language to fluently communicate their ideas, opinions and feelings in daily conversation on life-related topics, and to be clear and structured when describing their views or situations around them. The curriculum is also imbued with elements to cultivate the person, in aspects of moral character and values, and to have care and love for family, society and country. The subject matter helps students to recognise and embrace the legacy of our rich cultures, and helps them become globally aware and personally concerned

The Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme is a key department event, which encompasses two weeks in the month of April, to nurture students to be active learners and proficient users of the language. Activities include Pledge taking in MTLs & sharing of MTL songs during morning assembly, cultural camp, talks by alumni and external speakers, competitions and quizzes etc.



It is our vision to develop students’ maturity of thought, critical thinking skills, and their evaluation of arguments and opinions. In so doing, we aim to foster a passion for reading a wide variety of Chinese literary works, and to have a sensitivity to the Chinese language. This will broaden the global outlook of our students, and equip them with an additional set of wings to soar when they take off into the world.

For the past few years, our JC2 cohorts have achieved excellent results in the A Level Chinese Language and Literature examination, with more than 80% of the students achieving A and B grades. The good results have helped our students to achieve a good University Admission Score, and gave them greater choices in university course selection, as well as scholarship applications.

For language, students have to read widely. Written texts pertaining to the individual, family, school, community, country and world provide them the opportunity to develop the skill of inferring the implicit. Students cultivate their ability to analyse the content of a variety of text forms like literature books, philosophical essays, newspaper reviews, magazine columns, blog posts etc, and synthesise works of their own. For literature, students are exposed to a wide variety of literary classics across numerous genres, and this allows them to develop their ability to understand, analyse, critique and create.

The rich learning in curriculum is enriched further through Learning Journeys, tea culture as well as movie and drama appreciation.

Learning Journey Drama Appreciation.png
Learning Journey (Drama Appreciation)
Learning Journey Nanyang Coffee Shop.png
Learning Journey (Nanyang Coffee Shop)



We use a tier approach to develop students’ language proficiency and their passion for the language.

Talent Framework.jpg

To nurture students at the top of the tier, and who have the aptitude for Chinese Language to achieve a high level of proficiency, we have the following special programmes to further support students with the potential to do so:

More information can be found on the respective pages for the different programmes. Please click on the programme titles to find out more.