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Student Well-Being

We believe in the holistic development of all students and are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of TJCians so that they can develop into healthy and well-rounded individuals. Through self-management and development programmes such as the weekly Guidance lessons, tutor-student conferencing sessions as well as direct counselling sessions, we guide students to regard the challenges they face as opportunities for growth.

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Our teachers believe in providing a caring and enabling learning environment by nurturing a sense of belonging, guiding students to appreciate diversity, and empowering them to be active learners.


Counselling provides a safe space for students to discuss their challenges. The College Counsellor and Part-Time College Counsellor are located at the ParenTeen Centre and the Integrity Room respectively. For more information, students can refer to the Student Well-Being noticeboard.


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Resilience building, particularly amongst our younger IP students, is based on the recognition that they are capable of developing resilience by tapping on their internal strengths and external resources. We therefore introduce our IP students to the strength-based approach of ‘I am’, ‘I can’ and ‘I have’ that will fortify them when they are going through challenges and personal crises:

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