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Projects & Publications

Our teachers, together with like-minded colleagues in the East Zone schools, are progressive, modelling lifelong learning for their students by themselves participating in educational research. The passion of the teaching fraternity sparked off and continues to fan a long-term commitment, evident in the many projects both past and present.

The dedicated teacher-researchers wrote papers to record their work, and the various completed research projects had been chronicled in our biennial publication, the EZ Research Monograph. Set in real classroom contexts, these projects and the derived findings provide rich perspectives for other practitioners to consider.

Past Projects and Publication:

The EZ Research Monograph is a publication by Research@EastZone, the Centre of Excellence for Research, Ministry of Education Singapore. It was officially launched on 23rd September 2009 by Mr Gan Chin Huat, Deputy Director Schools East.

School leaders and teachers from our East Zone schools leverage upon research to hone their craft of teaching in areas of curriculum design, pedagogy and assessment to enhance Teaching & Learning in their schools. Such research work has allowed our schools to make better pedagogical decisions in their development of various teaching methods and approaches.

Research needs to become more deeply embedded as a normal part of professional development for all schools. Carrying out research work will help teachers better understand and reflect what they are doing in the classrooms and what can be done right to bring improvements in teaching and learning. It allows teachers to collaborate with others and share good practices.

This publication is a platform to support, recognise and value teacher’s research efforts. This compilation reflects the broad range of research activities undertaken by the East Zone teachers. We hope this publication will spark off and encourage more teachers to embark in this research journey.

The abstracts for the published Monographs are provided in the links below. For Monographs V and VI (2017 and 2019 publications), you need to login into OPAL to view them online. Please contact the Centre Administrator (Email: moe_researchez@moe.edu.sg) if you are interested in borrowing these books.