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Temasek Academy Unbound (TAU)

Temasek Academy Unbound (TAU) Programme

Beginning from IP1, TAU develops talented students in the areas of Mathematics, Sciences and English. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves beyond the boundaries of the everyday curriculum and develop their skills in their areas of academic interest. Mentored by specialist teachers, these students participate in a variety of workshops, talks and seminars conducted by experts in the relevant fields. There are also opportunities to work with students from different countries. 

TAU (Mathematics)

TAU (Mathematics) aims to expose students to Mathematical Research and material outside the curriculum via Independent Study Modules (ISM). Through this, students will become part of a community of mathematics researchers sharing and building upon one other's questions, conjecture and theorems. In addition, the programme builds students’ competencies when they take part in Olympiads and various competitions. 

TAU (Science)

TAU (Science) aims to develop these students to be Critical & Inventive Thinkers; Self-directed & Reflective Learners; Caring & Collaborative Contributors; Effective & Ethical Communicators who are equipped with a spirit of Scientific Inquiry and innovative problem-solving skills. The programme adopts the 4Es framework – Engage, Explore, Explain & Extend – which provides a range of exciting core and elective modules. 

TAU (Language Arts)

TAU (Language Arts) develops academically talented students in English by honing their ability to write and speak with eloquence and conviction, and to engage critically and creatively with a wide variety of literary texts. Through workshops and seminars, students sharpen their skills in literary analysis, creative writing, speaking, drama, and journalism. They will also have the opportunity to work with visiting writers, journalists, and relevant industry practitioners. 

All TAU (Language Arts) students will be placed on the Temasek Humanities Programme from Year 3, where they will experience an inter-disciplinary approach to the study of Humanities subjects (Literature, Geography, History and Economics).