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Music Elective Programme (MEP)

The Music Elective Programme at TJC is designed to nurture each student in their musical inclinations while developing them to be critical and creative thinkers, performers and composers of music. Integrated Programme students taking MEP will explore music in relation to art, literature, politics, religion and theatre. A unique focus is the student’s exposure to music repertoire beyond the Western traditions into the domain of World Music, such that this musical sensitivity and multi-cultural awareness allows for the appreciation, analysis and critique of a diverse spectrum of works. At the JC level, students get to learn under tutors specialising in the different components of the paper, namely Asian Music, Western Music, Composition (Stylistic imitation and Free composition), and will also have lecture recitals and personal consultations for their performing component. Students will acquire other essential 21st Century music skills in music technology, such as music notation software and sound recording, in the process of creating their individual composition portfolios. Each student will become a musician in the truest sense of the word – as an analyst, composer, performer, critic, and researcher.