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Mazarin Community Leadership Programme

What is the Mazarin Cut?

The Mazarin cut diamond is often considered to be the first true brilliant cut. In Mazarin, we aim to develop our students into effective and enterprising leaders who like diamonds, are outstanding and brilliant.


The Mazarin Community Leadership Programme

This community leadership programme has been our college’s flagship stretch programme for outstanding students to develop as agents of positive societal change for more than 10 years. It is mainly student driven, monitored by teacher-advisors and mentored by industry professionals. Students who are selected for this programme will lead in Make A Difference (M.A.D.) projects that benefit the College or the wider community. Through this, students will hone their leadership skills and cultivate a spirit of enterprise as they embark on opportunities to deepen their understanding of social issues, identify problems and gaps, develop new ideas and take action.


The Mazarin Journey

Through their Mazarin journey, our students gain an empathetic understanding of the needs of the beneficiaries they have identified. Students learn to set aside their assumptions about the world and gain real insight into their beneficiaries and their needs. As a team, the students analyze the observations gathered and synthesize them to define the core problems identified. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, look for alternative ways to view the problem and identify innovative solutions to the problem statement. The implementation of the project is important as the different teams turn strategies and plans into actions that benefit the community.


Mazarin leaders are catalysts for altruism in College as the impact of the Mazarin programme extends to their peers who volunteer for the various projects. This ripple effect is evident as students from IP to JC levels step up to be involved in the projects where they are also inspired to make a difference to the community.


Project Hightlights

Mazarin Team Iridescent implemented a project that aims to raise awareness of the understanding of mental health and its importance to TJCians and members of the public, and to clear the misconceptions that people have of mental illnesses. The team designed a comprehensive lesson package and conducted the lesson along with interactive activities for IP students to have a better understanding of mental health. In addition, the students put up a very successful roadshow at the library in Our Tampines Hub on World Health Day. The roadshow showcased interactive stations for the public to learn more meaningfully about mental health though fun and hands-on activities.

Mazarin Team Flight conducted a 2-day programme to help the children of single-parent families from the Bedok community. In their research, the team gathered that children from single-parent families do not have the same level of accessibility to gain enjoyment and empowerment in life when compared to their peers from traditional family units, whether financially or emotionally. The team recognised that while there are networks currently available to help single-parent families, most of the aid is targeted at the parent and therefore, more could be done for the child. As such, they hoped to fill this gap by bringing attention to these children - to lift, and to empower them. As a result, Camp Volare was designed to equip 150 children from single-parent families with important life values and to instill a sense of confidence in them through games and meaningful interaction with others. The team collaborated with Teen Network Club, the Malay Activity Executive Committee, and the Youth Executive Committee from Bedok Community Centre to successfully carry out this meaningful programme for these children aged 9-16 years old.