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Returning Singaporean & International Students


Admission of RS/IS into mainstream schools is subject to availability of school vacancies, the student meeting the school’s admission criteria and the student’s successful application of a Student’s Pass (STP) from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), if necessary. 

This admissions exercise is an alternative to seek admission if you wish to continue your pre-university education in a Junior College. Under this exercise, your talents and achievements, in both academic and non-academic areas, will be considered for admission into our college.


  • You are strongly encouraged to apply under MOE SPERS-JC/MI, a centralised placement exercise for Returning Singaporeans - Junior Colleges/Millennia Institute, conducted in November each year for Returning Singaporeans who wish to join the Pre-University 1 level at the beginning of the next academic year. Registration for SPERS-JC/MI opens in July each year.
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  • If you are not participating in the MOE SPERS-JC/MI, it is recommended that you sit for the J-PACT test and apply to our school with the J-PACT result. You are still required to sit for our school-based tests if you are shortlisted by us.
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It is necessary that you sit for the J-PACT test and apply to our school with the J-PACT results. The J-PACT is for RS/IS who wish to study in Singapore and is a centrally administered test to assess the educational levels of students for admission purposes.  You are still required to sit for our school-based tests if you are shortlisted by us.

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  1. On-line Application Form
Interested students are to submit the online application form and relevant supporting documents as indicated below, to the College by 23 December 2022 (12.00pm, Singapore time). Application received by fax and/or email as well as late applications will NOT be considered.

Click on this link to proceed with the online application. The application form should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

2. Supporting Documents (Please pdf and upload as one file, size limit 7MB)
  • Copy of Applicant’s Passport/ Student’s Pass/ NRIC (where applicable)
  • Copies of Parents’ Passport/ Work Permit Pass/ NRIC (where applicable)
  • Copy of J-PACT results (if available): you may email to us the results if you receive the J-PACT results after our closing date.
  • Latest exam results and certificates of highest level of education achieved.
  • Copy of Co-curricular Activities records (if available)
  • Supporting documents on Personal Achievements and Awards/Prizes won (if any)
  • Testimonials or References (optional)
Note: Please email the supporting documents to registrar@tjc.edu.sg if you encounter any error, e.g. file size ˃ 7MB.


Shortlisted applicants will be notified to undergo selection test for English and Mathematics, and an interview. Only applicants who meet our selection criteria in the tests would be offered a place in our college for the next academic year, starting in January/February 2023, based on results of the test and available school vacancies after JAE.

The schedule for the selection test will be made known via email to shortlisted applicants. The test will be conducted in person and will be held in Singapore. Thus, if you are currently overseas, you should submit an application only if you can comply with the prevailing Public Health as well as Entry Requirements listed on the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website. Please also refer to the Ministry of Health Advisory on latest COVID-19 measures within Singapore for more details.

The selection test fee applies to non-Singaporeans, i.e. the rate for the first subject is S$44 and every additional subject is S$22 (inclusive of GST). The selection test can only be taken once, and the test results will not be disclosed to applicants. The scope of the test will be further communicated to shortlisted applicants.

Selection test period: Early January 2023