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Beyond imparting the fundamentals of the language, we integrate cultural, social and effective learning skills into our teaching and learning of Malay Language. In line with the objective of the 2010 National Malay Language Review Committee to develop a generation of Malay language learned and effective speakers, we infuse a variety of innovative and creative pedagogies such as collaborative learning, Problem-Based Learning and Understanding by Design (UbD) into our instructional programme. Learning is based on methodical and structural approaches to enhance our students’ engagement in class.


We conduct regular reviews and customise our programme to fit students’ profile, proficiency level and abilities in the learning of the subject. Our flexible framework and structure of its non-text based curriculum ensures the effectiveness of its teaching and learning processes. Use of ICT is maximized in classroom based lessons and during experiential learning outside of school, where students are encouraged to explore valuable experiences and insights. A series of oral presentations by students pertaining to the themes in the subject area is conducted to promote independent learning as they are expected to be able to communicate by using the standard Malay Language so as to establish effective social relationships in the context of Singapore’s plural society and the world’s diverse communities. 

All this is supported by varied assessment modes, both summative and formative, including peer assessment, short writing exercises, short reflective responses and oral assessments. As such, student’s achievement has been maintained at 100 percent passes, with results well above the national average.


In Temasek Junior College, we arrange a series of exciting activities to supplement our students’ Malay Language learning experience. The Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme is a key department event, which encompasses two weeks in the month of April, promoting cultural awareness and increasing students’ knowledge and interest in the learning of the language. Other engaging activities include the Malay Language and Cultural Camp, Malay Language Youth Seminar, the Malay Language Lecture Series, as well as drama and stage performances.