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With the objective of nurturing active learners and proficient users of the Chinese Language, we adopt entertaining yet meaningful student-oriented teaching pedagogies and employ engaging materials and activities to guide them to be self-directed and collaborative learners. We aim to nurture effectively bilingual, open-minded, analytical, vocal, passionate and responsible talents who are ready for current challenges. 


Our programme is intricately designed to cultivate the ability of our students to use the language to fluently communicate their ideas, opinions and feelings in daily conversation on life-related topics, and to be clear and structured when describing their views or situations around them. The curriculum is also imbued with elements to cultivate the person, in aspects of moral character and values, and to have care and love for family, society and country. The subject matter helps students to recognise and embrace the legacy of our rich Chinese culture, and helps them become globally aware and personally concerned. More importantly, our teaching and learning cultivates the skill of application in our students, allowing them to use imagination and critical thinking to analyse and solve problems, utilise ICT for autonomous and collaborative learning, and to grow in capacity for emotional management, relating better with others.


The students in our programme experience a wide range of exciting activities. The Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme is a key department event, which encompasses two weeks in the month of April, promoting cultural awareness and increasing students’ knowledge and interest towards the learning of the language. Other engaging activities include Learning Journeys, movie appreciation, the Chinese Language Lecture Series, competitions (“词语大比拼” and “国庆感言比赛”) and cultural exchanges, for example, with students from South Africa).