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Our Aesthetics programmes offer students the creative and academic platform to express their ideas through the various aesthetics mediums. The Aesthetics at Temasek Junior College comprises the subjects Art (JC2) and the Music Elective Programme (IP1-JC2). Students will not only be trained to become competent in their various aesthetic disciplines, but will also be challenged to be critical, analytical, collaborative and creative thinkers. As students bring forth their abstract ideas to connect their inner world to the outer world of concrete reality, they will make a meaningful impact on our world, while learning the relevance of being human beings with an aesthetic sensibility.


The Art Programme at TJC is an artistic journey for passionate explorations, discoveries and sharing of artistic concepts and ideas. Art students will find their own artistic and creative inclinations, styles and techniques to express themselves in the most powerful way. Students will also discover and traverse through a journey of self-discovery, time management as well as creative and critical thinking.

Student work_ Shannon Fong.jpg
Student Work: Shannon Fong CG03/19
Student Work_ Julius Sng.JPG
Student work: Julius Sng CG03/19

Art students will be exposed to various forms of representations, artists and artworks in the Study of Visual Arts (SOVA) and explore a wide range of artistic media during studio and coursework sessions in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional praxis. The SOVA component addresses and challenges students’ visual literacy skills, studio, and coursework sessions reflect students’ artistic journey, documenting the process that leads up to a final work of art.


Amanda Heng Artist Talk.jpg
Talk by Artist Amanda Heng

Students will get the opportunity to visit various museums and exhibitions in Singapore pertinent to the area of study. There are also opportunities for students to volunteer at various art events. In further enriching our students’ experience, they will also be engaged in competitions such as UOB Painting of the Year and the Singapore Youth Festival. Where relevant, students will also attend talks or seminars that expose them to local and foreign artists, so that they deepen their artistic skills and gain industry insights.



The Music Elective Programme (MEP) at Temasek Junior College nurtures each student in their musical inclinations while developing them to be critical and creative thinkers, performers and composers of music. Enriching and extensive learning experiences in the study and application of Music are provided to enable students to attain advanced levels of musicianship, and to deepen their passion and understanding. Each student will become a musician in the truest sense of the word – as an analyst, composer, performer, critic, and researcher.

Our syllabus approaches the study of Music through Music Studies and Music Making. Students will learn different components of the paper, namely Asian Music, Western Music, Composition (Stylistic imitation and Free composition), and will also have lecture recitals and personal consultations for their performing component. They will acquire essential 21st Century music skills in music technology, such as music notation software and sound recording, in the process of creating their individual composition portfolios.

TJC’s MEP also offers H3 Music, an intellectually challenging course which exposes students to a wider scope of music as a discipline, and taught via a multi-dimensional approach to elicit discussion and critical thinking.


Emily Koh Visiting Artist Talk.jpg

MEP Visiting Artists Series 2020: MEP Alumni Emily Koh (2019 NAC Young Artist Award) with our JC MEP students

The TJC MEP Visiting Artists Series connects students with eminent professors and illustrious alumni from prestigious music institutions and music practitioners active in the contemporary musical landscape. It aims to develop our students' skills in the areas of musicology, composition, performance and Asian music, while nurturing MEP students to become ambassadors of the arts by deepening their insights into arts management, tertiary music education and potential career pathways related to the arts.

In addition, students are provided with regular performance opportunities on various musical platforms: lecture recitals, the annual MEP MOTIF concert series, competitions and the biennial MEP combined concert.