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Chemistry (IP Years 3-4)

What are atoms? How was the atomic model discovered and developed? Why are diamonds hard but graphite soft when both of them are made up of the same element, carbon? 

The world around us revolves around Chemistry. Every change we observe in this dynamic world has its roots in the microscopic realm of atoms. Chemistry, at the centre of the sciences, borders onto Physics, which provides its theoretical foundation and Biology, where living organisms are the most complex chemical systems. Chemistry is not only the key to understanding disciplines such as Medicine and Pharmacy, but also finds useful applications in fields like Geology and Engineering too.


The Chemistry curriculum equips students with the ability to analyse data and questions; solve authentic and complex problems; collaborate and communicate with one another; and make responsible decisions about the use of chemical knowledge in line with the 21st century competencies. 

The curriculum is learner–centred - encourages active participation, exploration and discovery. The learning experiences embedded in the curriculum provides authenticity and connections to real-world applications for example through the learning journeys, numerous research opportunities and participation in numerous external competitions such as the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad and the National Crystal Growing Challenge. At the same time, the curriculum is structured upon the framework where assessment for learning is a mainstay where alternative and engaging pedagogical approaches are employed to enhance students’ metacognition. 

Our in-house THINK© Cycle pedagogical approach which frames all the group projects as well as parts of the curriculum presents opportunities for students to first be presented with authentic situations or trigger questions to stir their curiosity in the topic before they work collaboratively in groups to research, investigate, observe, analyse and discover the explanations for the possible solutions. The process is culminated by the sharing of findings and the understanding of the knowledge constructed with their peers, under the facilitation of our teachers.


Through external competitions such as the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad, (a theory cum practical competition) and Singapore Junior Water Prize competition (a chemistry application-based competition on water purification or conservation), students will hone their scientific research and writing skills, challenging themselves with the best nationwide so as to be well-prepared for the future.