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Music Elective Programme

Innovative in its interdisciplinary approach, the Integrated Programme student in the TJC Music Elective Programme (MEP) will explore music in relation to art, literature, politics, religion and theatre. A unique focus is the student’s exposure to music repertoire beyond the Western traditions into the domain of World Music, such that this musical sensitivity and multi-cultural awareness allows for the appreciation, analysis and critique of a diverse spectrum of works. Each student will become a musician in the truest sense of the word – as an analyst, composer, performer, critic, and researcher.


Our Music Elective Programme is a 4-year programme offered to the 6-Year Integrated Programme students from Year 1 onwards. In this uniquely designed 4-year curriculum, students will be exposed to a diverse range of musical genres and cultures, and will be engaged in musical activities that integrate the three core skills of holistic musicianship: performing, composing and listening. Students will have an in-depth engagement with music by learning music in relation to its historical and cultural context, perform and compose in these different styles, and draw links across different traditions and the other arts. Our curriculum leads students to think critically about music, as well as to think in music. 


The authentic process of music-making is essential to the study of Music. Students will be provided with performance opportunities on various musical platforms: school and national events (such as morning assembly, Lunchtime Concerts, combined MEP concert), the annual MEP concert, as well as national and international competitions. Annual composition and instrumental masterclasses and lecture seminars by renowned local and foreign practitioners are organised for students to deepen their skills, learn about tertiary education options, and gain industry insights. Learning journeys, such as concert outings, will expose students to the local music and arts scene.