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English Literature

It is our vision to develop students’ critical and analytical thinking skills, sensitivity to language, and passion for reading. In the process, we aim to foster the value of empathy in students because we believe that at the heart of English Literature is the exploration of the human condition.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Our students attend tutorials where they engage in discussions on literary texts and offer their perspectives on these texts through oral presentations and written work. Students also work on projects that go beyond pen and paper tasks, for example, creating digital poetry and dramatising literature texts

The syllabus is designed on a modular basis: students who choose to study English Literature 2 will study 2 modules a year while students who choose to study English Literature 1 will study 1 module a year.

English Literature 1
      • Practical Criticism
      • Shakespeare
English Literature 2
      • Practical Criticism
      • Nineteenth-Century Victorian Literature 
      • Shakespeare
      • Contemporary and World Literature


Our students are given opportunities to learn from local and international writers through workshops, talks and seminars; we also organise learning journeys to theatre productions in order to enhance their understanding and appreciation of literature and the arts. Furthermore, we provide our students with various outlets to express themselves creatively. Students who are aspiring writers and who have a keen interest in Literature can take part in creative writing workshops and the Creative Arts Programme. We also focus on developing students’ research skills and encourage their participation in the Literature Seminar and the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme.