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Aesthetics Programmes

TJC’s Aesthetics Education facilitates the expression of perceptions, emotions and concepts through the reflective shaping of the visual arts, spoken and written language, music and bodily movements. Our Visual Arts, Drama, Music and Dance modules encourage students to confidently express themselves as well as appreciate and understand the aesthetics disciplines from an individual and group level.  Students will have foundational literacy in the various forms of aesthetics expression and be developed in critical thinking, imagination and expressivity as well as self-confidence and perseverance. 


Some of the key pedagogies used to bring out our students’ potential, expressiveness and unique ideas include the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework, experiential learning, collaborative learning and Inquiry-based learning. Each module that our students experience will allow them to chart their learning through a process that involves constant and deep self-reflections, exchanging and negotiating of ideas with their peers, and working with the feedback and guidance provided by our tutors and mentors. Each module culminates in a performance or showcase of their ideas and artistic product through the relevant Aesthetics mode and media (Visual Arts, Drama, Music or Dance). 


Experiencing the Aesthetics through viewing, listening, doing and expressing are essential to the effective learning of the various aesthetic modules. Where relevant, students will be engaged in field trips to museums, watch performances that allow them to see real practitioners at work and attend seminars of artists.