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Temasek Excellence

Our highly experienced and dedicated staff in Temasek Junior College are committed to support you in your pursuit to discover and achieve your passions. Our key focus is to help you develop greatness in intellect, character and leadership - this holistic excellence is what we term “Temasek Excellence”.

Be inspired and stretched by our carefully designed and well-researched programmes. Gain valuable experience through internships and job-shadowing opportunities locally and overseas. Have your minds sharpened through the rigorous academic debates and competitions. Build your leadership skills and initiate your own projects. Explore your interests and crystallise your aspirations.

College Award Highlights

In the External Validation exercise in 2015, Temasek Junior College was recognised for achievements, exemplary school processes and practices, receiving the School Distinction Award (SDA) and clinching all five Best Practice awards available.

The following list showcases these prestigious awards together with other important College-level awards garnered:
  • MOE School Distinction Award
  • All five awards for Best Practices 
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Student All-Round Development
    • Staff Well-Being and Development
    • Character and Citizenship Education
    • Partnership
  • BCA Green Mark
  • National Arts Education Glow Award
  • Singapore Quality Class
  • People Developer

Scholarships and Awards

While our students often continue to receive prestigious scholarships from PSC, various Ministries, A*STAR and universities after they graduate, many outstanding students also deservingly receive awards and scholarships from the College. These include

  • TJC Academic Excellence Award (IP1) 
  • TJC Academic Excellence Scholarship (JC1) 
  • TJC Academic Merit Award (JC1) 
  • TJC Xcel Scholarship (JC) 
  • Arts Book Award (JC1) 
  • Lucy Khoo Book Awards (JC2)

For more information, please visit the Scholarships and Awards page under the Admissions section.

Major College Events

The following table lists some of the key College events in the year, with our hallmark events highlighted in green. Parents and students of TJC can find more details and the latest information by accessing the Events Calendar in the maTrix.

Event Date
IP1 Induction 3 - 5 Jan
IP1 Meet the Parents 5 Jan
IP1 Commencement Ceremony 10 Jan
JC Open House 13 Jan
 IP2 - IP4 Meet the Parents17 Jan 
Go Green Day 27 Jan
JC1 Orientation 2 - 12 Feb
JC1 Meet the Parents 2 Feb
 Parent Forum10 Feb 
Total Defence Day Celebration 14 Feb
 Chinese New Year Celebration15 Feb 
Release of A-Level Results Tentatively 23 - 27 Feb
Annual Sports Meet 2 Mar
IP ACE Week 5 - 9 Mar
Literature Night 6 Mar
Careers, Scholarships and Higher Education (CSHE) Fair 7 Mar
Temasek Internship Programme (TIP) Sharing 7 Mar
JC2 March Common Test 19 - 23 Mar
International Friendship Day 4 Apr
Mother Tongue Fortnight 5 - 25 Apr
JC2 Parents-Tutors Dialogue 20 Apr
Student Council Investiture
25 Apr
Annual Road Run 27 Apr
 Parent Forum28 Apr 
 Drama Showcase28 Apr
Choir Concert  30 Apr
String Ensemble Concert 4 May
 Symphonic Band Concert for Limelight Series7 May 
IP1 Aesthetics Visual Arts Showcase 9 May
College Day & Alumni Homecoming Day 12 May
 Arts Festival: Artitude12 May 
IP1 & IP2 Parents-Tutors Dialogue 16 May 
 Parent Forum18 May 
 Guitar Ensemble Concert18 May
 Chinese Cultural Club Showcase19 May 
 Chinese Orchestra Concert 20 May
 IP1 MTL Learning Journey22 May 
 IP Open House26 May
IP3, IP4 & JC Mid-Year Assessment 25 Jun - 4 Jul
Racial Harmony Day Celebrations 18 Jul
National Day Celebrations 8 Aug
IP3 & IP4 Parents-Tutors Dialogue 15 Aug
Music Elective Programme (MEP) Motif Concert  17 Aug
Staff Day Celebrations 30 Aug
 Staff Day Dinner 30 Aug
JC2 Prelims 24 Aug - 19 Sep
JC1 Promotional Exams 26 Sep - 2 Oct
JC2 Farewell Concert 12 Oct