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Compass Points

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“Our Vision guides us, our Mission anchors us, and our Values steer us.”

The TJC ethos is expressed in 5 facets of the compass: Our College Vision, Mission, Values, Motto and Desired Outcomes. At the core of the compass lie our College Values, which represent who we are and serve as guiding principles. Our aspiration, as embodied in the Vision, is positioned at the North point, and our Mission is positioned at the South point, representing actions that will realise the Vision. Our Motto at the East point symbolises the beginning of our journey as a College: “For College, For Nation,” which leads to Our Desired Outcomes for students at the West point.


The Vision expresses what the College aspires to be in the future, and there are 3 aspects to our Vision statement:
  • An Institute of Distinction: TJC is an institute of education that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a changing world. As a 6-year Integrated Programme institution, the College welcomes students with different talents and abilities to help them to realise their potential. We seek to inspire our students and staff to be the best that they can be. Through engaging students in holistic experiences, we aspire to nurture self-directed learners who strive for intellectual excellence, grounded in strong core values, and are equipped with the relevant 21st century competencies to help them go “Beyond Basics, Beyond Boundaries and Beyond Self”.
  • A Dynamic Learning Culture: As a Learning Organisation, TJC synergises the many talents of our staff with the diverse intellectual curiosities of our students. There is a vibrant learning culture in the College as our teachers continually review and experiment with different pedagogies, creating more effective and student-centric learning experiences. Our students are also challenged to go beyond their comfort zone to be engaged in a broad spectrum of academic and non-academic programmes.
  • A Caring TJC Family: At the heart of every TJCian is a strong belief in the importance of caring for others. The College provides a nurturing environment to develop a strong sense of belonging for every TJCian. Our students and staff are supportive of one another and value diversity as an opportunity to forge strong and lifelong friendships. TJCians will continue to extend the same genuine generosity of spirit to improve the lives of others within and beyond the College community. Even as TJCians step out to make their mark in the world, many of them will retain a sense of rootedness and continue to actively contribute to the College.


The Mission serves to guides the College’s actions to provide a holistic education for our students.

  • Broaden Minds: To expand TJCian’s horizons within and beyond the classroom and inspire a pursuit of excellence.
  • Touch Hearts: To build close relationships within the TJC family and empower TJCians to make a positive difference to the lives of others within and beyond the College.
  • Enrich Lives: To inculcate in every TJCian, sound moral values and 21st century competencies, so that they may realise their aspirations, lead fulfilling lives and enrich the lives of others.


The College Values capture the core beliefs and tenets of the TJC family.

  • Passion is a keen interest in pursuing positive goals or achieving something in an area of life that a TJCian feels strongly about.
  • Purpose is the meaning behind a TJCian’s pursuits, which is demonstrated through actions.
  • Drive is the willingness to devote time and energy, with the strong determination and perseverance needed, to work towards achieving excellent outcomes in the TJCian’s area of passion and purpose.
  • Together, Passion, Purpose and Drive contribute to having a meaningful objective in life that TJCians feel strongly about and aspire towards, thereby evoking a strong determination to work towards fulfilling their own objective.
  • Integrity is honesty in actions and words, in all areas at all times. This includes consistency in standing by moral principles and shared values, and having the moral courage to do the right thing even in difficult situations.
  • Compassion is being considerate and sensitive to the needs of others, through showing empathy and care. This includes actively improving the lives of others, and taking the lead in positive actions that benefit others

Desired Outcomes

The Desired Outcomes are attributes that every TJCian should possess upon completion of their journey in TJC. TJCians will need to be equipped with 21st century competencies to meet future challenges, and be grounded in sound moral values to positively impact others. They will have the attributes of an Active Learner, a Caring and Committed Citizen and an Ethical Leader of Self and Others (ACE).
  • An Active Learner takes ownership of his or her own learning and seeks to clarify, understand and analyse information critically. Our students pursue their areas of interest and develop the thinking skills needed to apply knowledge confidently across various disciplines. In the process, they develop a positive attitude, effective communication skills and learn to work well in collaborative settings. Thus, they will be equipped with important skills for life-long learning.
  • A Caring and Committed Citizen has a strong sense of social responsibility. Our students care about the community and are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. While deeply rooted in Singapore, they are keenly interested in the world around them and show sensitivity towards people from different backgrounds, cultures, races, and religions.
  • An Ethical Leader of Self and Others acts with integrity and fairness. Our students have the capacity to make good decisions that are guided by sound judgement, grounded in good moral values. They have the humility to learn from others and resilience in the face of setbacks. They are good role models and lead with empathy, helping to grow others and achieving synergy within a team.

In achieving these ACE outcomes, we lay the foundation for every TJCian to become a “Trailblazer with a Heart.” This reflects our hope that each student will discover and develop their unique talents, and find a purposeful way to apply them for the good of others.


“For College, For Nation” encapsulates the founding philosophy of the College. Conceptualised originally in Mandarin as “为国家,为学院”, it emphasises the role of the College in educating young people who can serve the country as good citizens, and give back to the community and College. The Motto forms the bedrock of the College’s intent to develop students beyond individual excellence – to serve and bring glory to both the College and nation.

College Crest


The College crest depicts the letters TJC in bold form, with the letter T taking a symbolic shape and reflecting a characteristic architectural feature of the College.
  • The green background acknowledges our alignment with the national objective of projecting a clean and green country.
  • The divisions in the cross of the T stand for the 5 national ideals of justice, equality, happiness, prosperity and progress.
  • The segments in the trunk of the T symbolise the 4 major races working in unison within the College towards the national ideals.
  • The name of the College encircles the crest, flanked by laurels which represent the recognition which the College has achieved and are a constant reminder of its commitment to its motto.