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Student Leadership Development@TJC

In TJC, there are many platforms for our students to develop their leadership skills, discover their strengths, pursue their personal interests and test their own limits. Whether our students step up to lead the student body, represent the College on the academic or sporting front, render community service or embark on some enterprise, the opportunities to showcase their talents are aplenty.

Developing the ACE Student Leader

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The Leadership Challenge

TJC uses The Leadership Challenge model, developed by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, which is backed by over 25 years of research and data of over 3 million leaders. Based on case studies of leaders about their personal best experiences as leaders, the founders came up with a pattern of behaviours and actions used by people when they are most effective as leaders, encapsulated by the 5 Practices – Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. This tool will enable students to chart their own leadership growth and hone their leadership competencies.

The Students' Council

Betterment through Dedication – this motto aptly captures the essence of the Students’ Council, the highest office that any student can hold in TJC. The Students’ Council is led by a group of student leaders from IP Year 2 to JC2, who are committed and passionate about making the College a vibrant and enjoyable second home for TJCians through College-wide and House activities. As student leaders, these councillors will lead in the planning and executing of key events, and will be trained as mentors and facilitators at various platforms such as dialogues, focus group discussions and seminars.


Personal Development Programme (PDP) Leadership

The plethora of Personal Development Programmes (PDPs), the equivalent of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), enhances College life by immersing students in the building of various skill sets and the development of character and leadership. These meaningful experiences through their chosen PDPs are integral to their holistic development. Students are challenged to stand for elections to win positions within the executive committee to lead their PDP members to achieve excellence, whether in the performing arts, sports or clubs.

Class Committee

The Class Committee provides opportunity for many students to develop leadership competencies. The Committee includes roles such as the Class Chairperson who assumes overall leadership of the class, the Citizenship Ambassador who co-organises the commemorative days of National Education, and the Eco Champion who drives the environmental efforts and green movement in the College.

Talent Development Programme (TDP)

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TDP is a pinnacle leadership programme. Students in this programme will be exposed to opportunities to build on their portfolio, focusing on the 21st century competencies and outcomes. Students will be trained in interview skills and the designing of their personal statement. Students in the programme will be mentored by industry leaders.

Mazarin Community Leadership Programme

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This student leadership programme aims to expose and stretch outstanding students to reach out and make a difference to others in College, the community or the environment. It provides the platform for students to develop as agents of positive societal. It is mainly student driven, monitored by teacher-advisors and mentored by industry professionals. Students who are selected for this programme will lead in Make A Difference (M.A.D.) projects that benefit the College or the wider community. Through this, students will hone their leadership skills and cultivate a spirit of enterprise as they embark on opportunities to deepen their understanding of social issues, identify problems and gaps, develop new ideas and take action.


Insight | Outsight: TJC Alumni Leadership Speaker Series

In this Speaker Series, we welcome our distinguished alumni back to inspire our students in their leadership journeys. As our students engage with these established leaders, we hope that they can develop fresh insights as well as outsights. Outsight is defined as the ability or capacity to perceive or anticipate external things. It enables them to see beyond themselves and beyond their normal frame of reference. With outsight, leaders tend to make better decisions because they can see the bigger picture.

Temasek Internship Programme (TIP)

TIP is a platform for students to immerse themselves in their areas of interest in terms of career options so as to be better informed of their higher education choices. Through this internship, held during the Nov-Dec school holidays, students gain valuable first-hand experience of their chosen careers. They are mentored and nurtured by leading practitioners in their respective fields – many of whom are alumni of the College. The agencies involved represent a broad spectrum of careers and specialities, including architecture, bio-technology, law, social work, theatre, infocomm technology, the media, veterinary sciences, and many others.


Overseas Leadership Immersion Programme

This programme brings selected student leaders to a regional country to gain leadership insights through dialogue sessions with key industry leaders and to share leadership experiences through networking with student leaders from overseas.


Temasek Leadership Showdown (TLS)

The Temasek Leadership Showdown (TLS) is a nation-wide leadership competition which provides a platform for student leaders from primary and secondary schools to hone their leadership skills and competencies, as well as to network with other like-minded student leaders. Organised and facilitated by our student leaders, we hope to inspire the TLS participants to be leaders who can be positive change agents. In 2019, TLS saw a total number of 220 external participants (from 12 and 17 Primary and Secondary schools respectively) and $3138.10 raised for the President’s Challenge.

Temasek Overseas Outreach Programme (TOOP)

TOOP enables students to develop and showcase their leadership qualities, spirit of youth activism and an appreciation for cultural diversity. TOOP student leaders plan and organize their trips based on the needs of the overseas beneficiaries and undergo training adopting the Service Learning model. Over the years, the college has worked with partners in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and China.


Defy Camp

Defy Camp aims to maximise students’ leadership potential with opportunities for self-directed learners to take the initiative to lead, cultivate a spirit of adventure and be socially responsible citizens. The participants take part in activities which include the symbolic night hike, a distance of 28km in the Walk for Rice programme where they raise funds for the President’s Challenge and convert the miles walked to bowls of rice for the needy families in the Bedok community.