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Student Leadership Development@TJC

In TJC, there are many platforms for our JC students to develop their leadership skills, discover their strengths, pursue their personal interests and test their own limits. Whether our students step up to lead the student body, represent the College on the academic or sporting front, render community service or embark on some enterprise, the opportunities to showcase their talents are aplenty.

TJC uses The Leadership Challenge model, developed by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. The model is backed by over 25 years of research and data of over 3 million leaders. Based on case studies of leaders about their personal best experiences as leaders, the founders came up with a pattern of behaviours and actions used by people when they are most effective as leaders, encapsulated by the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership – Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. This model will enable students to chart their own leadership growth and hone their leadership competencies.

We believe that every TJCian is a leader, everyday, everywhere. All our students are given opportunities to develop their leadership attributes through a variety of platforms and trainings. There are also dedicated leadership development programmes designed to maximize leadership capacity of students who exhibit high potential, as we help students to be future ready and equipped to excel in the VUCA world.

The Students' Council 

Betterment through Dedication – this motto aptly captures the essence of the Students’ Council, the highest office that any student can hold in TJC. The Students’ Council is led by a group of student leaders from IP Year 2 to JC2, who are committed and passionate about making the College a vibrant home for TJCians through College-wide and House activities. As student leaders, these councillors will lead in the planning and executing of key events, and will be trained as mentors and facilitators at various platforms such as dialogues, focus group discussions and seminars.

PDP Leadership 

The plethora of Personal Development Programmes (PDPs), the equivalent of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) with a strong focus on character development, enhances College life by immersing students in the building of various skill sets and the development of character and leadership. These meaningful experiences through their chosen PDPs are integral to their holistic development. Students are challenged to stand for elections to win positions within the executive committee to lead their PDP members to achieve excellence, whether in the performing arts, sports or clubs.

Talent Management (beyond PDPs) 

Talent Development Programme (TDP)

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TDP is the College’s pinnacle leadership programme to prepare high ability students for top tiered scholarships and courses in the universities. Students in the programme will be exposed to opportunities to build on their portfolio with focus on the 21st century competencies and outcomes. Students will be trained in interview skills and the designing of personal statement. Every student in the programme will be mentored by a dedicated staff from the Student Leadership team.

Mazarin Programme 

The Mazarin programme aims to expose and stretch outstanding students to reach out and make a difference to others in College, the community or the environment. Selected students will lead in Make A Difference (M.A.D.) projects, which enable them to learn and sharpen their communication skills, leadership skills, geo-political awareness as well as to have a better understanding of their strengths and the ability to develop them further. This programme is very much student-driven, monitored by teacher-advisors and mentored by industry professionals.

Temasek Overseas Outreach Programme (TOOP) 

TOOP is the flagship activity of the College’s service learning initiative. It is an excellent development platform for selected students to develop and showcase their leadership qualities, spirit of youth activism and an appreciation for cultural diversity. TOOP student leaders plan and organize their trips based on the needs of the overseas beneficiaries, and undergo rigorous training adopting the service learning model. Over the years, the College has worked on meaningful projects with partners in rural areas of Cambodia, Vietnam and China.

Leadership Platforms (for application of leadership skills) 

Overseas Leadership Immersion Programme

This is a leadership immersion trip to a regional country. This trip will include visits to schools, tertiary institutions, meetings and tea sessions with prominent Singaporeans and people who hold high office positions in business companies.

In 2017, a group of 36 student leaders embarked on a leadership immersion programme to Hong Kong. The programme explored the leadership-social entrepreneurship nexus in the context of Hong Kong's landscape. The student leaders visited and learned from social enterprises such as Green Monday and Diamond Cab. They also had the opportunities to exchange their leadership beliefs and learn from student leaders from Diocesan Girls' School and Singapore International School (HK). The rich sharing by Singaporeans based in Hong Kong such as TJC alumnus, Mr Thomas Cheong (Principal Financial Group), broadened their horizons tremendously.

Student Leadership Camp 

This is an annual event to gather student leaders from all PDPs, classes and other student groups, to work towards a common cause – to build the Temasek community. Framed upon The Leadership Challenge, great emphasis is placed on facilitation and the understanding of leadership competencies and how they are manifested and depicted in various situations that will be encountered throughout the camp. By the end of the camp, the student leaders would not only have honed their leadership qualities, but would come to appreciate their role and place in TJC, and how they can continue to blaze Temasek’s fame.

Temasek Leadership Showdown (TLS) 

TLS is a nation-wide student leadership competition which aims to engage young leaders in core social issues and provides participating schools with the opportunity to assess the leadership development of their student leaders. The Showdown brings together the key elements of TJC’s previous leadership programmes, The Leadership Face-Off (TLFO) and the Student Leadership Congress.

TLFO, co-organized by TJC and Halogen Foundation (Singapore), has involved an average of 30 schools and more than 200 students annually since 2011. While this national competition was previously only opened to Secondary 2 and 3 students from all schools in Singapore, the new competition format in 2017 included primary school students from Primary 5 and 6 levels. In addition to the competitive nature of TLFO, key elements from the Student Leadership Congress that TJC had organized since 2006 were also included. By synergizing two of our flagship leadership events, the Temasek Leadership Showdown is able to provide participants and our own student leaders with an even more dynamic platform to interact, network and learn best practices from their like-minded peers to further hone their leadership skills and competencies.

Framed upon The Leadership Challenge, teams of four will apply their skills of creativity, teamwork and communication to compete against student leaders from other schools. They will also be inspired to feel a heightened sense of belonging and community spirit through the tasks and challenges.

Defy Camp 

Defy Camp is an annual 4D3N camp organised by our own JC1 students, for JC1 students. It aims to maximise students’ leadership potential - providing opportunities for self-directed learners to take the initiative to lead, cultivate a spirit of adventure and be driven to be socially responsible citizens for the College and the community. Starting off as a student-initiated event in 2012, Defy camp has grown in strength and numbers. It encourages students to “defy their limits” by stepping out of their comfort zones and cultivate a positive attitude and stronger mental resilience when facing challenges. Participants foster new friendships with others through activities like dragon-boating and high-elements. The main highlight of Defy Camp is the symbolic night hike, where participants take part in an overnight hike, covering a distance of at least 20km. This is in line with the Walk for Rice programme with a common purpose of raising as many bowls of rice for needy families in our local community.