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Character and Citizenship Education

At TJC, we are committed to nurturing good citizens whose actions uphold our motto, “For College, For Nation”. Through our Citizenship Education, and Values-in-Action programmes, our students become active participants in community and national life. As TJCians step out into the world, we are confident that they will continue to contribute to the larger local and global communities in a spirit of compassion and service.

Citizenship Education

TJC's Citizenship Education aims at enabling TJCians to appreciate what being Singaporean means, and why we work at enhancing social cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future. Guided by our aims, our Citizenship Education programmes develop students into active citizens who have well-informed perspectives on national issues. We also leverage on our Citizenship programmes as platforms for students to exercise leadership skills by customising activities during National Education Commemorative Days for the entire cohort. These experiences empower students to be active participants in community and national life, while they are at school and in the years to come.



IP ACE Week takes place in Term 1 Week 10 as part of IP students’ holistic development. The programme adopts an experiential approach to nurture in IP students the desired outcomes of an ACE TJCian. Through a confluence of Stewardship, Leadership and Citizenship activities, students will be able to experience and reflect as an Active learner, Caring and committed citizen, and Ethical leader.