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Temasek Humanities Programme (THP)

Programme Information

One of only seven A-Level MOE Humanities Scholarship Centres, the Temasek Humanities Programme (THP) was founded in 1982 and has been home to some truly distinguished individuals. The THP aims to create leaders in the Humanities; embracing the spirit of inquiry to nurture thoughtful, independent and action-oriented navigators of an increasingly complex and fast-paced world.

At the core of the THP, students are exposed to a quality curriculum. All THP students will get their own homeroom where they are given the autonomy to explore the Humanities. In the subjects of Economics, Geography, History and Literature, the traditional curriculum of the THP student is enhanced to give students more opportunities to uncover the connections and applications of these subjects.

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Beyond the traditional curriculum, the THP embraces the hallmark of the Humanities disciplines – the process of inquiry – to encourage intellectual curiosity. Our focus on inquiry is reflected in our three signature programmes- the Temasek Distinguished Speakers Series (TDSS), the Humanities Trip, and the Capstone Project.

The Temasek Distinguished Speaker’s Series (TDSS) is an annual conference that the THP students organise; each conference revolves around a theme that the THP students lead their peers in exploring, before culminating in a conference with a distinguished speaker in the field of interest. Fuelled by rigourous research, our THP students facilitate discussions with the TJC community and students from other schools to discover new insights, and engage with keynote speakers on the theme for the year. The theme for 2019, in line with Singapore’s celebration of our Bicentennial, was The Stories we Tell – an exploration of different narratives in Singapore, with the main conference session with Mr Lim Siong Guan, former Head of Singapore’s Civil Service. In 2020, students are exploring the hot topic of Climate Change. Through this conference, our students emerge as confident leaders, ready to engage others in dialogue.

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While the TDSS gives our THP students their first foray into the world of inquiry in the THP, the Humanities Trip gives them the space to push the boundaries of their exploration. THP students choose a country they would like to explore, based on key inquiry questions they want to answer. In past years, we have travelled to a diverse range of countries, such as Vietnam, Taiwan and China. As they craft learning experiences, collect data, and produce well-reasoned analyses; our THP students are trained to think incisively and independently about various issues in society. A singular experience, the trip is an opportunity for our students to navigate foreign societies in a confident and critical manner.

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The culmination of the skills and values instilled through TDSS and the Humanities Trip, the Capstone Project empowers our J2 students to deepen their appreciation of the inquiry process. THP students identify a question to explore and conduct independent research to produce an academic paper. They then present their findings at the Humanities Evening, where they have to defend their research process and findings to their peers. With papers exploring the evolution of Singlish to sociological studies of memes, the Capstone Project gives our students free rein to wonder at life’s questions, and equips our students with the necessary mindset and skills to thrive in the today’s complex and uncertain world.


Signature programmes aside, the THP is an opportunity for students to develop as mature young adults, ready to take on life after Junior College. Each THP student is partnered with a teacher-mentor who supports them in their tertiary aspirations, and ensures they are well prepared for university and scholarship applications. Our alumni are highly distinguished, and are ready to lend their expertise and advice to help our students even after they’ve graduated from the college.

At the heart of our THP Programme, we seek to equip our students with the tools to navigate, and flourish, in an ever-evolving world. Guided by a family of warm, innovative and fun-loving tutors, and driven by curious, confident and empathetic students, we believe that together we can make a difference in this world.


To learn more about us, please feel free to reach out to the programme coordinator, Mr Koh Weining at .

Scholarships and Awards

The Arts Book Award

The Arts Book Award (JC1) is automatically awarded, on top of the Temasek Merit Award to students who:

  • attain L1R5 7 points or better at the GCE ‘O’ Levels, and 
  • apply to the Arts stream.

Awardees must offer four H2 subjects of which three must comprise: Economics, Literature, History or Geography, Chinese Language and Literature, China Studies, Music or Art. This award is valued at $300.

The MOE Humanities Scholarship

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