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Temasek Humanities Programme (THP)

Programme Information
One of only seven A-Level MOE Humanities Scholarship Centres, the Temasek Humanities Programme (THP) was founded in 1982 and has been home to some truly distinguished individuals. The THP aims to create leaders in the Humanities; nurturing students to engage with real world issues through a mix of self-directed yet challenging activities. In 2018, the THP expanded its ambit to also develop our talented IP Temasek Academy (Humanities) students in IP3 and IP4.

At the core of the THP, students are exposed to a quality curriculum. All THP students will get their own homeroom where they are given the autonomy to create a conducive and personalised learning experience for themselves. In the subjects of Economics, Geography, History and Literature, the traditional curriculum of the THP student is enhanced to give students more opportunities to uncover the connections and applications of these subjects.

Our eighteen-month programme also exposes students to a variety of enrichment opportunities. An important part of our enrichment are interdisciplinary learning experiences (ILEs), which adopts a particular theme each year. Themes that we have covered include income inequality, the causes and impact of fake news and the ‘gig’ economy; in alignment with the Bicentennial, the THP has taken on the theme ‘The Stories We Tell’ in 2019.



In the THP, we believe that all students should grow into action-oriented thought leaders for our nation. Hence, students are given multiple opportunities to grow their leadership skills, through the organisation and hosting of conferences such as the THP evening and the Temasek Distinguished Speaker Series for the larger humanities fraternity. 


In addition to growing their leadership skills, students in the THP can develop their own chosen areas of interests through opportunities such as Model United Nations Conferences and a Capstone Research Project.


Unquestioningly, a highlight of the THP is the annual Humanities Trip, which students are given autonomy to co-create with their tutors. In the history of our programme we have travelled to faraway lands such as India, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. Trips are guided by the principle that the humanities are all around us – be it in a factory that manufactures bicycles in Taiwan, or the Hua Shan in Xi’an, China. The programme trains students to open their eyes, examine the world through the lenses of their various disciplines and see as they have never seen before.


Our distinguished alumni have included activist lawyers, marketing professionals, a curator of Singapore’s National Museum and even a Deputy Commissioner of Police! We engage our alumni often, inviting them to speak to our students at least once a year. These gatherings serve to broaden our students’ horizons and ambitions for the future, and to remind them of their humanistic responsibility to serve their College and their Nation.


At the heart of the programme, we are a family of warm, innovative and fun-loving tutors and students who truly believe in the value of the humanities in enhancing and driving the way we think and act.


To learn more about us, please feel free to reach out to the programme coordinator, Mr Koh Weining at koh_weining@moe.edu.sg .

Scholarships and Awards

The Arts Book Award

The Arts Book Award (JC1) is automatically awarded, on top of the Temasek Merit Award to students who:

  • attain L1R5 7 points or better at the GCE ‘O’ Levels, and 
  • apply to the Arts stream.

Awardees must offer four H2 subjects of which three must comprise: Economics, Literature, History or Geography, Chinese Language and Literature, China Studies, Music or Art. This award is valued at $300.

The MOE Humanities Scholarship

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