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Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP)

Programme Information

The Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) began in 1990, and Temasek Junior College was one of the only two colleges selected to offer this two-year programme to nurture the linguistic talent of students. The long history and rich experience of the College in offering the CLEP place us in good stead to help you attain a higher level of proficiency and develop a better understanding of Chinese Language and Literature.

Our Integrated Programme students also have the option of starting a four-year CLEP in Year 3. Apart from the core curriculum comprising language, literature and creative writing, students will be exposed to the culture, history, philosophy and contemporary socio-economic development of China. This programme gives its graduands an edge when it comes to being bi-cultural and bilingual, therefore more equipped for life and work in a global environment.


Highlight Activities

Overseas Study cum Immersion Programme

The programme provides an opportunity for our CLEP students to enhance their appreciation of literary works and understanding of the Chinese culture. During their stay in Beijing and Taipei, the CLEP students will also visit schools, attend literary talks, and embark on educational tours, which aim to deepen their understanding and awareness of both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture through authentic experiences.

Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) Camp
This will be a 3-day residential camp, held in early June for JC1 students. During the camp, all CLEP students from 5 colleges will be gathered together to participate in various talks and activities. The camp aims to nurture promising students to attain a high level of language proficiency in Chinese and enhance their understanding of Chinese literature.

Lecture Series cum Project Work Presentation
In addition to growing their knowledge of Chinese Literature and Language, distinguished guests such as university professors will be invited to deliver lecture series to our students. Moreover, students in the CLEP will be given the opportunity to develop their own chosen areas of interests through opportunities such as project work presentation in Chinese.


Learning Journeys

In CLEP, we aim to stretch the potential of students who are good at Chinese language and allows them to appreciate local cultures in greater depth. For example, we have been organising learning journeys to support local productions during Hua Yi Festival which had taken place at Esplanade theatre on the yearly basis. We have also organised learning journeys to Kopitiam at Chinatown for our students to learn and approach the authentic local Chinese culture and lifestyle.


Drama Appreciation


Distinguished Alumni

Serene Loo
Senior External Relations Adviser,
Global Crisis Management,

Former News Presenter
& Senior Reporter

Kristine Lim
News & Current Affairs Presenter,


Xiao Zhaotan
RWDC Industries, Asia-Pacific

Koh Khee Heong
Associate Professor,
Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS)


Loh Woon Yen
Managing Editor,
Chinese Media Group,
Singapore Press Holdings

MOE Language Elective (Chinese) Scholarship

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Information Sheet

Please click here for the information sheet regarding CLEP such as course content, eligibility, and programme incentives.