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Why do our fingers look different from our toes even though each one of us developed from one single fertilised egg?

What are the uses of a molecule of DNA?

How can climate change lead to the spread of ancient dormant disease-causing pathogens?

How can humans overcome infections? 

These are just some questions raised by our Biology students during the course of their study. And the best place where you can find the answers is to study with our Fantastic TJC Biology Department!



The rapid and continuous progress in the field of life sciences demands the learner to have sound knowledge of the nature of science, acquire science inquiry skills, and be able to relate science to societal needs.

To achieve these demands, our team of tutors in the Biology department work very closely with students to cultivate students’ inquisitive mind-set and encourage students to deepen their understanding of Biology. Our Biology students will discover for themselves how life is sustained and how they can apply their knowledge to ensure sustainable living.

Students will build a strong foundation in the understanding of life at cellular and molecular levels, and make connections between these micro-systems and the organism as a whole. This ability to draw links and see inter-connectedness will enable our students to relate to other systems they encounter in their daily lives, which is critical for real-world problem solving. In TJC, Biology is offered at the H1 (8876) and H2 (9744) levels.


Our Biology tutors are always striving to deliver the curriculum with our students’ learning interests and readiness in mind. We engage our students through inquiry-based learning and provide many opportunities for collaboration with their peers and for them to communicate their ideas. We utilise authentic cases for students to research and mentor them to delve deeper into various issues, while at the same time applying relevant scientific concepts to understand or solve problems.


JC2 Students’ poster from a vaccination learning package

We also actively create resources on the Student Learning Space (SLS) so that our students can learn at their own pace, and beyond the confines of a physical space such as a laboratory. Tutors will also adapt their teaching pedagogies according to students’ needs based on the SLS self-assessment.

Screenshot of video created for JC1 Practical Magic Lesson Package on SLS

In addition, all our tutors employ thinking routines to engage our students and facilitate the development of their metacognition skills. Our tutors regularly present and participate at the Instructional Programme Support Group (IPSG) for A-level Biology in Singapore, a valuable platform for sharing and acquiring new teaching and learning strategies.


Exciting learning journeys to Pulau Semakau and Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum serve as experiential learning opportunities for our students. Students will learn beyond the classroom and laboratories, where we extend the teaching and learning to the field and higher institutions of learning and research.

Learning journey to Pulau Semakau


Learning journey to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Students will be invited to take part in competitions that enrich their knowledge and expose them to higher order thinking, such as the International Biomedical Quiz, Lee Kong Chian Neural Anatomy Quiz and Biology Olympiad.


Our students at the Lee Kong Chian Neural Anatomy Quiz

Furthermore, as part of raising students’ awareness on their career prospects, and to enhance their scientific literacy, the Biology department engage local and overseas university Professors and TJC Alumni to give talks for our students.

If learning more about life, or finding out how you can make a positive impact with your scientific knowledge interests you, our Biology department look forward to having you with us!