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Curriculum & Pedagogy

Have you ever wondered how lithium-ion batteries which have transformed the society worked? We learn that we need oxygen for the conversion of food into useful energy. Have you ever wondered how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability?

The Science curriculum is guided by our mission to develop independent scientific inquirers and confident communicators, equipped with innovative problem solving skills.

We align our teaching approaches with our vision of nurturing scientific minds with a strong spirit of inquiry, grounded in ethics and humanity. Our teachers employ student-centred pedagogies in their lectures and tutorial lessons, as we believe that students learn best through active involvement in the learning process and collaboration. The teachers are role models of this pedagogical approach by being engaged in active professional development both within and beyond the college. The department is made up of a team of skilful teachers with vast teaching experience, who are strong in their content knowledge and versatile in pedagogical approaches. We are dedicated to deliver the best learning experiences for our students.


Our students have achieved excellence in the various academic areas. In addition, they have also taken their learning beyond classroom by taking part in the enrichment opportunities offered by our college as well as external organisations to broaden and deepen their learning experiences. These purposeful and meaningful opportunities ranged from taking part in Dialogue Session with Eminent Scientists, Science Olympiad Competitions, Science Fairs and Science Research Programmes. Our students have been regularly featured in the following key events.
  • Nanyang Research Programme
  • Science Research Programme
  • Singapore Biology Olympiad
  • Singapore Chemistry Olympiad
  • Singapore Physics Olympiad
  • Singapore Science and Engineering Fair
  • MOE Local Student Attachment Programme
  • A*STAR Science Award (JC)
  • International Biomedical Quiz
  • STEP NUS Brain Camp
  • LKC Neuroanatomy Challenge


We identify and mentor talented students to represent our college in the various competitions and Science Fairs.  They have done our college proud by clinching numerous awards in 2019.  Congratulations to our students!

Highlights of the Achievement:

2019 Nanyang Research Programme (Symposium)
6 Gold, 3 Silver

20th International Elementz Science Research Conference
3 Gold, 2 Bronze

31st Singapore Chemistry Olympiad
1 Gold, 1 Silver & 6 Bronze 

32nd Singapore Physics Olympiad
2 Silver & 1 Bronze