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Project Work

We believe that complexities of modern life require well-thought through ideas. These ideas should consider the needs and wants of the target audience. They also need to be radically different from the usual. Our aim is to aid our students to develop their ideas to serve the desired functions while inspiring us with a sense of optimism and creativity. We seek to engage, educate and enlighten our students so that, together, we can build a better future. 


Project Work (PW) provides the opportunity for students to explore and address local issues. Working closely in groups, our students make links across different areas of knowledge.They generate, develop and critically evaluate information and ideas. Through this experience, our students become more aware of work processes and make informed decisions to improve. Our teachers, working closely together as a professional learning team, facilitate students in the delineation of the issue, the generation of insightful and innovative ideas, and clear and coherent communication of ideas.