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Project Work

We believe that complexities of modern life require well-thought through ideas. These ideas should consider the needs and wants of the target audience. They also need to be radically different from the usual. Our aim is to aid our students to develop their ideas to serve desired functions while inspiring others with their sense of optimism and creativity. We seek to engage, educate and enlighten our students so that, together, we can build a better future. 


Project Work provides the opportunity for students to explore and address both local and global issues and to acquire knowledge across disciplines. Anchored on the framework of Design Thinking, Project Work in Temasek Junior College offers students a range of authentic learning experiences, imbues them with the designer mindset and equips them with design thinking tools to solve real-world problems.

JC1 Design Thinking Workshop

Through our in-house Design Thinking workshop for all JC1 students at the start of their Project Work journey, students engage with users to better understand their context, and create prototypes to test their proposed solutions.
By putting themselves in the shoes of the user, students learn to empathise with the user’s needs and to design meaningful solutions for the user.


In addition, our Project Work journey develops students’ 21st Century Competencies such as Civic Literacy, Critical and Inventive Thinking; Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills. Our teachers, working closely together as a professional learning team, design resources for our students and guide them in the delineation of the issue, the generation of insightful and innovative ideas, and clear and coherent communication of ideas. 


Indeed, by putting the student at the centre of learning, students are encouraged to become Pros at Work!


Pros@Work – Innovation and Analysis Competition

Equipped with the Design Thinking tools, our students are more competent in deconstructing the thinking behind problem analysis and product design. The Pros@Work Innovation and Analysis Competition encourages students to submit a thorough product analysis based on specific users in context and to evaluate critically if the product meets the users’ needs. Besides identifying possible limitations, students also propose further refinements to improve the ideas and extend the application to either novel contexts or other target audience.

As part of a strong learning community, our students also take the initiative to conduct extensive research on innovative solutions in the areas of medical, sports and wearable technology before sharing their findings with peers with accompanying video links. Shortlisted insightful and analytical entries are showcased during Project Work lectures.