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We bring Tamil Language to life for our students by exposing them to different forms of the language through various interesting activities, utilising the principles of the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework. Games, Learning Journeys and other enrichment programmes create the awareness that Tamil is a living language. It is the bridge for the students to understand their own culture and traditional values, as well as to connect to the world as 21st Century citizens.


We help our students improve their language proficiency through Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and other Language skills, taught using differentiated teaching approaches, such as seminar-style teaching, group discussions and presentations. The course is designed using the Ministry of Education (MOE) H1 Tamil Language syllabus as a basis, crafted in a way to ensure that students with different language abilities are given opportunities to build a strong foundation in the language, so that they may unleash their latent potential.


To supplement our students’ Tamil language experience, students can choose to go through optional modules like Cinema Art and Criticism as well as Internet and Social Media. These help to ground our students in real-life applications of the language.