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In TJC's Humanities Department, we aim to nurture critical thinkers who are curious about our world, and who are empathetic, independent and creative in thought. This is achieved through a rigorous curriculum; across the different subjects, we challenge our students to make sense of the world by taking different perspectives and to communicate their arguments coherently in both speech and writing.

Our subjects deal with past and present real world issues using inquiry as a key cornerstone of our programmes. Each subject is grounded on a carefully planned core curriculum that focuses on real world application and critical thinking skills. To enhance the learning experience, multiple enrichment opportunities are available for students to stretch their learning beyond the classroom. To learn more about our subject offerings, click on the Economics, Geography and History links!

For students who have shown a strong passion and ability in the humanities, the Temasek Humanities Programme aims to stretch students with various leadership and enrichment opportunities for them to grow into action-oriented thought leaders for our nation.

Driven by our team of passionate and dedicated tutors, a humanities education in TJC will allow students to see the world from a different lens, and to develop key 21st century skills to navigate future challenges in work and life.

To learn more about our specific programmes, click on the associated links, or you can enquire further with Mr Koh Weining, HOD / Humanities (JC), at