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Knowledge & Inquiry

“All men desire to know,” said Aristotle. In this spirit, Knowledge and Inquiry(KI) is a subject that focuses on the nature of knowledge and its construction in areas such as the sciences, the social sciences, mathematics and aesthetics. In the course of KI, students will acquire an awareness of the ethical dimensions of knowledge construction, develop critical thinking skills, a capacity for independent learning and the ability to communicate clearly and convincingly. 


KI is conceptually distinct from traditional subjects. It emphasises learner-centredness, negotiated learning and spiral progression. The syllabus hinges on the principle that the learning must meet the needs and abilities of the students and they are given opportunities to confront new information and experiences in the search for meaning. The syllabus also encourages teachers and students to work together to decide the areas of exploration. Finally, the syllabus explores and applies concepts and process skills at increasing levels of difficulty.


To expose our students to other points of view on the subject, our students are strongly encouraged to attend talks held by various institutions including NUS, NTU, ISEAS and A*Star. In addition, guest speakers would be invited to hold seminars on selected topics. Previous distinguished speakers include Prof. Tagore from the Department of Philosophy, NUS (Indian Philosophy) and Prof. Tan Tai Yong, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (History).