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Green Science (IP Years 1-2)

Science provides us with a theoretical lens to view the world around us, and to unravel how the things we commonly see around us actually work. Here, as this subject is done in the foundational Lower Secondary years with the integration of 3 sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), we want to start the students off right by having a green angle to science – an environmental focus. 

As we frame the learning of science with wonder, we also desire to set the context in the world around us, and develop our students to have the mind of a scientist. We also bear the hope that someday, they will use their sharpened minds to help solve the environmental problems around us. 


In the teaching and learning of science, students are engaged in experiences built upon our THINK© Cycle pedagogy that is developed in-house and implemented across IP1 to IP4 levels. Students are introduced to new topics with authentic real-world contexts, to enable them to see how scientific concepts relate to everything they observe on a daily basis. Research into the subject matter, discussions with group mates, and investigation through experiments imbue students with enriched experiences, and develop their 21st Century Competencies. 

Starting from the IP1 and IP2 Green Science curriculum to IP3 and IP4 Biology, Chemistry and Physics curriculum, students can put their scientific minds to practice, and generate potential solutions for real environmental issues that genuinely pique their interest. Students will be exposed to various Science projects which aim to develop the 21st century competencies and skills; learning dispositions in them. 

Our Signature Enriched IP Science Curriculum Design and Teaching Pedagogies (from IP1 and IP2 Green Science to IP3 and IP4 Biology, Chemistry and Physics) comprises: 
  • THINK© Cycle: Inquiry-based; Problem-based & Project-based learning
  • Critical & Reflective Thinking:
    • Scope of Thinking: Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning- Elements of Thought (EoT);
    • Quality of Thinking: Intellectual Standards (IS)
  • 21st Century Competencies and Skills; and Learning Dispositions through Science Projects across 4 levels and 3 sciences; and daily classroom discussions


IP Science Through Enrichment Programme (aka IP STEP) comprises 3 tiers across IP1 to IP4 levels. Tier 1: level focus for the entire subject cohort; Tier 2 – customised focus for selected students; Tier 3: Temasek Academy Science (aka IP Science Talent Programme)