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Higher/Express Malay

Beyond imparting the fundamentals of the language, we integrate cultural, social and effective learning skills into our teaching and learning of Malay Language. In line with the objective of the 2010 National Malay Language Review Committee to develop a generation of Malay language learned and effective speakers, we infuse a variety of innovative and creative pedagogies such as collaborative learning, Problem-Based Learning and Understanding by Design (UbD) into our instructional programme. Learning is based on methodical and structural approaches to enhance our students’ engagement in class.


We conduct regular reviews and customise our programme to fit students’ profile, proficiency level and abilities in the learning of the subject. In IP Years 1 and 2, the teaching emphasis is on the usage of the language in real-life contexts, to enable students to identify with, explore and appreciate the Malay language, and to understand the values and culture of the Malay community.  In IP Years 3 and 4, there is still an emphasis similar to the previous two years, but in addition, there is a focus on building up Malay language proficiency in order to develop critical and analytical thinking in the study of language and culture, as well as to develop skills and competencies to meet the demands of the Higher Malay language examination at the national level.