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Core Humanities (IP Years 3-4)

Core Humanities is a compulsory subject for all IP3 and 4 students. The subject is made up of a Singapore Studies module as well as a choice of History 1, Geography 1 or Literature 1 modules.

All students have to take the Singapore Studies module of the Core Humanities programme. This module provides a safe environment for students to discuss and explore issues surrounding contemporary Singapore using an interdisciplinary approach. Through the programme, students will build up their competencies in the skills necessary for discourses in disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. They will also acquire knowledge and skills to develop into active citizens who think critically, yet compassionate to different societal needs.

Students can also choose to offer History 1, Geography 1 or Literature 1 in addition to Singapore Studies. These modules are based on the JC H1/H2 model, and like the JC H1 subjects, offer a more condensed curriculum while requiring the same depth of academic rigour as History 2/Geography 2/Literature 2.This choice to study one more Humanities subject allows them to have a richer learning experience, and provides an opportunity to pursue and develop their strengths and passion.

Curriculum (Singapore Studies)

To better engage the students, we are guided by a progressive and thematic approach that allows us to pitch the learning according to the students’ progress and development. Through an interdisciplinary inquiry of multi-faceted issues in contemporary Singapore, students will develop the skills of reasoning and the habit of thinking critically. The issues discussed in the course include national identity, governance, national security, economic and social policies, as well as economic development. The infusion of economics into the Singapore Studies curriculum also helps students to acquire economic intuition to make the learning experience more authentic, as well as to provide an early start to financial literacy.

Pedagogy (Singapore Studies)

Besides adopting a seminar style approach to teaching and learning, there will be student-centred activities that allow students to explore beyond the content and discover knowledge and create new ones of their own. Debates, role-plays and simulation games are just a few of the approaches we implement to allow students to take ownership of their own learning and to foster a community of collaborators. We also encourage students to take part in external competitions such as moot parliamentary debates to further strengthen their mastery of the subject and build their confidence. At the end of the course, students will present their research findings in a capstone project based on a topic surrounding contemporary Singapore.

IP3 Moot Parliament Finale at Parliament House

IP4 Meet-the-People Programme