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A Brief History


Temasek Junior College was built in 1976 as the second government junior college in Singapore and commenced functioning as a centre for pre-university education in January 1977. It has earned for itself the reputation of being a fine academic institution that focuses on the all-round development of its students.

On 2nd January 1977, Temasek Junior College opened its doors to its pioneer batch of students. These students came mainly from the many schools in the east.

With the organization set-up accomplished, Temasek began the task of cultivating her own ethos. This began with the choice of the College's name by the Ministry of Education. Temasek, which means Sea Town, was the old name for Singapore. The College was named after the nation in the hope of preserving the spirit of old Singapore in a rapidly modernising age. In addition, the name was chosen to honour the nation's forefathers whose resilience, fortitude and courage had seen Singapore through its early days. It was thus hoped that students would be inspired by the pioneering spirit of Temasek.

Under the dynamic leadership of its past & present principals, together with a capable and enthusiastic staff fraternity, the College has grown in strength as a reputable institution of learning excellence; flourishing in the arts, music, sports, community outreach, innovation, creativity and leadership development. This purposeful pursuit of excellence culminated in the attainment of the School Distinction Award, the pinnacle of achievement under the MOE's Masterplan of Awards in 2015. This achievement is testimony to the enterprising spirit of TJCians and the commitment and dedication of staff members, past and present, along with the dynamic programmes that have been initiated for students to realise their potential.

As the College strives to groom and nurture the thinkers, leaders and trailblazers of tomorrow, it can take comfort and pride that the many who have walked through its gates yesterday are now the men and women of today, leading and making their mark in society, contributing in diverse fields and making a difference. It is an institution that not only celebrates its rich and illustrious past, but also has the vision to reinvent itself to continue to provide quality learning experiences for the TJCian.