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It is said that the first lesson of economics is scarcity where there is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it, a concept that is increasingly more pertinent today and one that we want our students to be confident grappling with. Economics is a discipline that examines how resources are allocated in the society and looks into methods to improve resource allocation such that society’s welfare is maximised. Our TJC Economics department takes pride in our structured curriculum and pedagogy which helps develop our students into budding economists.


Our students are required to dissect questions using a guide to routine thinking and question interpretation, and then design a schematic plan - a concise visual outline of what an answer 'should' look like. This skills-based strategy enables them to tackle a variety of questions carefully and confidently. Students have a choice of taking Economics at the H1 or H2 level where both syllabuses help students learn how to explain and evaluate real world problems and policies, with an emphasis on the Singapore economy.


Being a subject that is widely relevant to the real-world, we expose our students to numerous opportunities to learn beyond the classroom. Students go on learning journeys to the Government Investment Corporation of Singapore as well as to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to see for themselves how skills and knowledge in economics are applied. We also invite economics practitioners into the campus through our guest lecture series. These are on top of the myriad of lectures, workshops, seminars and competitions that are arranged for the students to expand their horizons on contemporary economics debates. 

Economics H1 Syllabus.pdf (2017 JC2 Cohort)
Economics H1 Syllabus.pdf (2017 JC1 Cohort & future cohorts)