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Our Chemistry curriculum has been developed to enhance students’ understanding of chemical concepts and chemical systems, in particular, making connections between the concepts within Chemistry and with other Science disciplines. Diverse pedagogical approaches are adopted to cultivate our students’ interest by building knowledge and skills necessary for their higher education aspirations in Chemistry-related fields. These pedagogical approaches include leveraging on Productive Failure to learn how to plan an experiment and how to better use visualisation tools. Through an experiential learning approach, students get to deepen their conceptual understanding.


Our students are provided with many opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. These learning experiences develop the students in the understanding, skills, ethics and attitudes relevant to the practice of science. The aim is for our students to become scientifically literate and useful citizens who are well-prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Research opportunities are available for students who wish to enrich their learning and deepen their knowledge of the sciences. These projects can be carried out within college or with an institute of higher learning in science. 


Our students' visit to NUS Department of Chemistry