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The central science that bridges other natural sciences, Chemistry is based on the core ideas of Matter, Structure and Properties, and Transformation. TJC Chemistry students are developed in their way of thinking, to be able to explain phenomena and solve novel problems in chemical systems. The students are able to link their knowledge of the chemical systems to the other sciences and apply their problem solving skills to authentic issues in their daily lives.


In our College, the gamification of learning creates an engaging and fun environment for learning to take place. In teaching chemistry, our teacher use SynTactic© and The Deductive Detective©, organic chemistry card games developed in-house. These games are effective tools in helping our students internalise and apply their knowledge. We utilise diverse pedagogical approaches to build the interest, knowledge and skills in our students, necessary for their pursuit of further studies in Chemistry-related fields. These pedagogical approaches include utilizing the approach of Productive Failure in learning how to plan an experiment, which can also be applied to their learning of other subjects.


Our students are provided with many opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. These learning experiences develop the students in the understanding, skills, ethics and attitudes relevant to the practice of science. The aim is for our students to become scientifically literate and useful citizens who are well-prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Research opportunities are available for students who wish to enrich their learning and deepen their knowledge of the sciences. These projects can be carried out within college or with an institute of higher learning in science.