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Historical study is a richly vicarious experience that teaches us to move beyond ourselves and to envision other worlds, exploring the interplay between material circumstances and human character. The History Department at TJC imparts a wide base of factual knowledge and inculcates critical thinking skills that makes you think about how the world we live in has been and will be constructed by you. 


To ensure authenticity in learning, we interrogate rich primary and secondary sources that engage students’ minds and emotions. Our students will embark on a contemporary study of regional and international developments in the twentieth century. Through a thematic-comparative and issues-based approach, our students will be able to systematically and logically think about the historical processes that have shaped our present.


To ensure our students see the relevance and applicability of the concepts discussed in the classroom to the real world, we organise relevant and interesting learning journeys to museums, public lectures by notable historians and intellectuals, and even musicals. We also offer H3 History, an intellectually challenging course, which provides opportunities for selected students to explore historical issues and events in greater depth, and promotes an appreciation of the nature of history as a discipline.