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Historical study is a rich and immersive experience that inspires us to move beyond ourselves and to envision other worlds, appreciating the interplay between material circumstances and human character. At TJC History, we will facilitate your examination of individuals and their larger societies to explore the great developments that history has witnessed. Through a rigorous inquiry learning process, you will be challenged to think about how the world we live in has been and will be shaped by you.


The study of A-level History centres around several key concepts like cause and effect, significance, change and continuity, and diversity. These concepts will be investigated across the two years as our students embark on a contemporary study of regional and international developments in the twentieth century. Through a thematic-comparative and issues-based approach, our students will be able to systematically and logically think about the historical processes that have shaped the present. This would place our students in good stead to appreciate the multifaceted nature of our world today, and to form nuanced and critical perspectives about the world we live in. In TJC, History is offered at the H1 (8821), H2 (9752) and H3 (9823) levels. Refer to the respective syllabus documents below to find out more!


At TJC History, we believe in nurturing authentic and independent learners. To that end, we’ve created an environment where students take ownership of their own learning, through the integration of the Student Learning Space (SLS) into our lecture and tutorial system. This inclusion of online teaching resources and spaces allow our students to construct knowledge autonomously, whilst benefitting from the support of their tutors.

We also understand our students’ desire for creative and engaging learning experiences, and have designed our classes to include opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of mediums. Here at TJC History, you can look forward to an intellectually stimulating and engaging course of study, supported by a passionate team of tutors!


As part of our exciting course of study, we provide various opportunities for you to enhance your learning and appreciation of History. The TJC History Department organises numerous history-related learning journeys and events each year to grow our students’ historical empathy. Through these experiences, our students discover the reality of what they study, and gain a deeper understanding of the impact that history has on life around them.

Whilst we enrich your learning experience with these programmes, we also seek to stretch your potential by identifying and mentoring students to represent our college in various history competitions. These opportunities allow our students to develop both a critical mind and empathetic heart, leaving them more sensitive to the complexities of our ever-changing world.


Students and Staff

Our students have benefited greatly from their course of study at TJC History. This is what they have to say:

'I chose to study History because I was interested in historical events, and how they have shaped today’s world. H2 History has deepened my analytical skills, allowing me to analyse and evaluate the relationships between different events and factors in history. It has also honed my argumentative skills, improving my critical thinking skills and the quality of my arguments. As someone who enjoys exploring ideas and the links between them, H2 History has been highly gratifying!!’
- Ian Chan, 2019/ 2020

‘While History was daunting at first because I hadn’t taken it before and didn’t know what to expect, in the end it was actually really refreshing to learn this new subject. The nature of its content is really enriching and it has broadened my perspective, allowing me to view our society/ world in a more in-depth way. I now have a richer understanding of our collective history, and the passion of history teachers who lecture and teach us is also contagious!’
- Deanna Lawther Lim, 2019/ 2020


We have a team of committed tutors ready to support you in your time here at TJC History. Come join us today; we can’t wait to start this journey with you! Enquiries can be directed to Mr Koh Weining, Head of Department / Humanities (JC) at or Mr Jared Wong, Deputy Head / Humanities (JC) at